Story 22Aug2022: Tired Monday

It was challenging to start today, and by the early evening, I was dragging. As usual for a workday, I awoke at 6:15 to my alarm and was up and making breakfast only after a short struggle resisting a few hugs from my blankets. My pillow was willing to let me stay another thirty minutes, but I demurred. I had cereal with a banana sliced in it. I had a nectarine with the bowl; I love nectarines. Coffee was soon ready, and I regretted not making a pot of liberal coffee to drink all day.

As my friend Joe C said, “a rough re-entry.”

It was my first time using my new office to work from home. My two computers fit nicely in my new workspace, and I did concentrate better. I have lowered my chair, and the back pain is receding. Better.

I did my usual read email and tried to manage my re-entry to work. It was nine days of time off, and I had a backlog for the first two days. Still, most Nike WHQ and other locations (including India and other development centers) were closed for Rest and Recovery Week, so I had no emails or missed meetings (except the 5PM yesterday), making the re-entry not so bad.

My first status meeting and some other crises of the moment surfaced, and one issue from before the long break returned and started again to escalate. However, I think we were able to tamp it down for now.

I had the spaghetti with meat sauce I picked up on Saturday from Olive Garden for lunch. I microwaved it. I also got two pieces of Texas Toast (garlic bread with some cheese) from the freezer, lighted a few burners on the grill on the deck, and roasted the toast on tin foil on the gas grill. No reason to use the oven.

Lunch was pleasant, but the Cubii JR1 or JR2, Under Desk Elliptical, Bike Pedal Exerciser was not delivered. I had to be headed to hummingbird house as Susie had Tracy for PT at 1PM, and Tracy is a bit intense. I wanted to be there with the new excellent device, but that will have to wait until Thursday, Tracy’s next appointment with Susie.

I was there 15 minutes early, with no events from my careful trek through Beaverton, avoiding the Old Town 20 mph sections. Tracy was there only a few minutes after 1.

Tracy had Susie standing and balancing and even got Susie into the wheelchair, mostly doing it herself using the strength of her legs. Susie was finding standing difficult as her muscles seemed a bit locked up. I think all of us are feeling this from the pandemic. Susie was also having trouble with her left side, and Tracy, for future exercises, asked me to cover Susie’s right eye and then have her left hand give me things. This will help her cross-brain actions work better.

We then watched Susie’s ice skating video on my Mac. This is Susie’s 1980 long and short program. Tracy then headed out. Susie was disappointed I was out of time and could not take her to the park. Unfortunately, it was a work day, and I had a 2PM Zoom call and then a 3:30 call.

I was that guy on the phone driving in a Zoom meeting. After that adventure, talking in the driveway for ten minutes, I had a crisis-of-the-moment meeting and filled in for the director too. That one went fine.

I then was tired again. I rested and fell asleep but somehow managed to wake in time for the 5:05 status meetings.

The mail came, and the pedal thingee showed. It was delivered, and it is heavy, by the mailman! I will take it to Susie on Tuesday, and we can unbox it at hummingbird house.

After that, I was free for the moment. I was also dragging and was not going to make dinner today. Instead, I ordered spicy Italian food with a big salad and watched the new Game of Thrones prequel House of Dragons. Eating dinner while enjoying the new show. Of Doctor Who fame, Matt Smith was one of the bad guys. I thought House of Dragons’s first episode was a bit predictable, and the actors, with Matt Smith’s exception, were still trying to find their voices and become the characters in the story; they seemed stiff and looking distant.

Aside: I had to increase the volume as I had trouble with the accents. I have hearing issues, but I think it was the show’s sound.

Later, I started to write some more Dungeons and Dragons 5E to distract me. I get sad and lonely sometimes, but work, coding, writing, and reading are always my escape. Next, I started on the blog and hope you enjoyed it.

For those who wonder, I discovered that I can remember what happened by blogging each day. I think the events in the pandemic and the medical challenges Susie and I have faced are important stories. I want to remember, and when I return to the previous entries, I can find the memories of that day. For example, before the pandemic, I was leading games at the Game Storm convention 30March2019, and there is an excellent description of the games I played that day. Though the memory is fading, I can remember the games and the players. So for each blog, I try to find a story to tell and some detail that I can remember later. It might be gas prices or some creative driving on TV highway.

Again, thanks for reading and letting me create a story to remember later.

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