Story 23Aug2022: Manic Tuesday!

I woke before my alarm and tried to roll over and fall asleep. Only to awaken 15 minutes later to recheck the time. This went on for a while. As often happens, I was sound asleep when the iPhone alarm announced it was time to be awake. I was not really sharp but jumped into the shower and got started. I found breakfast and put ground coffee in the French Press. I never returned to it! I had a banana and cottage cheese for breakfast. I read my emails, loaded Susie’s new pedal device delivered last night (a day late) in the car, and took Air Volvo to Nike World Headquarters.

It is hard to describe how lovely the WHQ is; I miss working there. We are assigned Clubhouse, which is an office building not on WHQ. Boring. I believe that many of the old folks are retiring early from Nike in the computer groups as we feel disconnected from Nike. I also think the newer computer folks that have never worked from campus see Nike as an exciting job but never feel part of Team Nike. So the computer folks exit for money or a new challenge.

Nonetheless, it was nice to park in a parking structure and then walk on the campus. I picked the furthest new garage to walk by all the new buildings. I have not had the chance before with the pandemic and the construction. My, they are huge buildings and have a completely different color and design scheme from the older buildings. The buildings no longer seem to be a college campus–the previous theme, but a dream from LA and the Pacific Northwest. Black, orange, gray, and folded designs shout LA with water and plants that give a calming PNW feel. I love it.

Parking garage.

The photo does not really show the scale of this building.

The photo is a bit dark on such a bright day. Another huge building.

It was a thirty-minute walk and many stairs that I would prefer to avoid, but I managed. The stairs were never too high like in Clubhouse. I use the elevator always in Clubhouse after nearly falling. I felt safe on campus.

I reached the Tiger Woods Center, Nike’s event center on campus, and found my favorite working spot. TWC has hotel spots to email and make calls, and I had two hours of meeting before the two-hour All-hands meeting. My first one in person in years.

I handled my meetings and even turned on my video as I had a window seat in TWC. This was not my first time stuck for hours between sessions in TWC!

The discussions cover more crises of the moment and other knowledge sharing and planning chats. Of course, the details cannot be shared, but it was mostly the usual computer stuff–not interesting for most.

The All-hands was hosted for the first time live in TWC with our new Irish newest leader and VP, Hilda (not Heidi–Thanks Kate). While much of the content was the usual corporate stuff you see at any company, with the standard Nike amazing videos (even the computer group’s videos are great), it surprised me by starting on time, running to schedule, and finishing on time. A first for me–giving me more insight into Hilda., I think, than anything she said. This gal does her homework and expects adherence to schedules.

I left TWC and had to skip lunch and hanging out with Heidi to see Susie today. I reversed my walk and was proud that I did not get lost on the trails in the woods and grass. I soon found the parking garage and connected Air Volvo with 26 and then 217 to hummingbird house at 9925 SW 82nd in Portland (really Tigard).

Aside: I do not capitalize hummingbird house as it is not a formal name. This is Alliegence Senior Care, LCC formally, and the house name allows distinction from the other home (I forgot its name).

Susie was in her chair, and one of the other residents was already outside enjoying the near-perfect weather. On my iPhone, we called Susie’s mother, Leta, from inside the hummingbird house, letting Susie and Leta see each other. They chatted for some time while I rested a bit; I was exhausted yesterday, and I was also tired today.

After completing the call, Jennifer moved Susie into her wheelchair, and we traveled to Metzger Park next door. It was busy today as school was starting soon–or had begun, and the kids and adults seemed to want one last time in the park. We saw one high school-aged gal with her younger brother, whom I recognized. She was again in the park practicing her dance routines with a hula hoop while her brother ran around the park, and her little dog enjoyed the grass.

I saw the swallowtail butterfly named Elrond by Susie, but when we got closer, it had found somewhere else to flutter.

I could only stay a short time, and I had had no lunch and was sleepy in the hot sun. Not a good situation! So I pushed Susie back to the hummingbird house and said goodbye with a kiss.

I stopped by Jimmy John’s and tried the East Coast Spicy Italian as I was hungry and fading. It was good, but I need to ask them to cut it into thirds so it will not fall apart. I love the freshly made bread and the speed. The wait is always short.

Air Volvo, reversing my previous course of 26 and 217, got me to Clubhouse. A sign on the door, ‘Welcome Back!’ and ‘Rest and Recovery are not just time off,’ provided more options online. I said hello, as always, to the desk team and took the elevator to the second floor. Someone had finally cleaned the elevator–the footprints on the wall (?!) were gone.

Some of my teams were in and sitting at the usual shared desks–even though it is open seating, we generally all sit at one spot (very human). I worked on a few escalating items and on the critical path. I then, tiring, left early. I took Air Volvo home without incident except for suddenly stopping cars. Going slow is a sort of driving sport in the Beaverton area, and one must be ready to stop.

I logged back into the shoe company at the Volvo Cave. The 5:05 meeting was a bit disorganized, and our escalating issue was questioned for being de-escalated. We were a bit surprised and found ourselves having to explain why it was escalated (even when we thought it should not be escalated) and suggested it needs to be left as an item we review every day. How strange things sometimes get in the corporate world!

After that, I was free. I made dinner of leftover salad and bratwursts I had grilled a few days ago. I then wrote some more Dungeons and Dragon 5E adventure. I am starting to bring the first part to a close. I have to find a way to transition to the next part. It is nice to write again, especially an adventure in D&D style.

Next, I decided I was still a bit stressed out and went for a drink and dessert at Stanford’s. Susie and I used to hang out at the bar there sometimes. I had coffee and a shot of almond liqueur, and a chocolate mouse cake. I felt better, but the sadness does sometimes overwhelm me. Dessert and writing help.

After that, I realized I would be late starting my blog and hurried home. The local cat was sitting in the center of the road and took its time to finally get up and let me use the road. Cats!

I hope you enjoyed my writing tonight. The coffee helped.

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