Story 24Aug2022

Going backward, I just called hummingbird house and left a message that Tracy from Physical Therapy (PT) will be there on Thursday at 12:30. Tracy texted me at 8:45PM with the time. I had her penciled in for 1PM, so that still works.

Before that, I played board games with Zophia, Dondrea’s girl, while the choir practice/jam session went on at First United Methodist Church in Beaverton. I taught Zophia the board game Vindication. It is a lot to take in, but she was starting to get it at the end. She smoked me. Next, we played the tile game, Azul, and I had my revenge as I slowly built up points and won. Last, we went for the cooperative game Forbidden Island–a fav. We survived it.

That is Vindication with Zophia in mid-arm-pump for winning.

Before that, I was at the house having leftover sausage I had grilled a few days ago with the end of the potato and macaroni salad. I ate this while participating in the 5:05 status meeting. I was surprised when I disconnected from the meeting, and my Xfinity Internet went out at the house. Ziply Fiber is coming on Friday to install–it could not be too soon!

I had to hard boot the modem to have lousy Internet again.

I left the office after 4ish and took Air Volvo home to Clarion Street. I like to make a quick dinner on Wednesdays just before the meeting at 5:05 and eat it during the meeting. Choir practice starts at 6PM. Unfortunately, the ants are back, and I will have to commit insecticide in the kitchen soon. I kept them out of dinner, almost microwaving one ant that reached my sausages–ick!

Even earlier, I was at work for most of the day. I had some crises of the moment and had to help out on a few items. No details should be shared here, but I was busy.

Going back more, I reached the hummingbird house after 10ish, stayed until 11ish, and got lunch on the way back at Burger King. I love their burger with cheese, and this time it was not too salty, back to normal.

I managed to take Susie for a short trip in her wheelchair through Metzger Park and a short chat with her mother, Leta, on FaceTime.

It was a rushed visit as usual for a work day.

Before that, I worked on a few existing items.

Starting the day, I was rushed as usual for the morning working from the office day. It is strange to have to leave and drive to work to mostly be online talking to people on Zoom, especially after just working from home for more than two years. But, I understand that the shoe company values the interpersonal relationships that develop in person, which is why I have to drive in.

I was again awake before my alarm and fell deep asleep fifteen minutes before it blasted me out of bed.

Thanks for reading, and sorry if it seems rushed.


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