Story 18Sept2022

At the end of Sunday, I made a paid time off (PTO) request, blocked my work calendar, sent notes that I would miss two meetings, and went back to bed. My right leg was cramping, and standing on it was causing pain. I was tired and a bit loopy. The impact of the new vax and playing ballon with Susie. I was too tired to write this blog, and Monday would crash and burn if I tried to make it work. So PTO for Monday.

Returning to Sunday, I slept in until about 7:15 and started on breakfast and coffee. I had cereal with fresh banana slices. I then dried some items on the stove and unwittingly turned on a burner to near high. This destroyed my Chef’s Neverburn pan. It cannot be replaced as the company is gone. I was upset by mistake and that a small bump turned on a burner. I guess I should be happy that a fire did not break out, but still, it made me feel very silly, and the loss of one of my neatest pans upset me.

I spent the early morning writing the Saturday blog, which is always long as I try to fit a whole weekend into one day. I finished about 10AM and was not inclined to rush, be late for church, and risk another adventure with Beaverton’s policing cameras and officers. So I am on Beaverton strike (I will likely relent on Wednesday night to play games with Zophia).

I cleaned up and dressed. I did a few house tasks. I watched the church service online, and Dondrea gave an excellent sermon. She managed to mix her experience in water sports with scripture and baptism. I thought it was one of her best sermons yet.

Aside: I did join the Kickstarter project to support the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, 8-10Oct.

I got a text from Mariah, and we met for lunch at the Golden Vallery Brewery. There I had a Malbec wine to relax. Mariah was late, and then we both had steak salads. We mainly talked about her adventures trying to buy a home in Portland. Closing costs are exploding, and Mariah is stressed.

It was already 2PM (where did the time go); I then headed to see Susie at hummingbird house and skirting Beaverton. Susie was having a snack before I got there. When she finished, after once choking, I took her out to Metzger Park. The park had two sets of birthday parties and was busy on the cloudy but high 70Fs day. I was already fading, and we soon called Susie’s mother and chatted for a bit.

We returned to the house and played the ballon game/exercise. I throw the ballon, and Susie hits it back, primarily using her right hand. Susie did manage to hit me in the face once. That got a smile.

Evan stopped for a few minutes and joined the balloon game. One of us would recover the balloon, and the other would throw it. Susie loved the attention.

Soon it was approaching 4PM, so I stopped and kissed Susie goodbye. M.A.S.H. was playing one of Susie’s fav (and celebrating its 50th anniversary), so Susie was headed back to her recliner to watch some more.

I took the route over Cooper’s Mountain home, skipping most of Beaverton. I picked up a book as a gift for M@, our DM, and headed then to play Dungeons and Dragons at 5:30. Time passed very fast.

I was early and took a short nap; the pain and the exhaustion were piling on now. When M@ arrived, I gave the book to M@, a Kickstarter project: Giordano Bruno’s De Magia translated, and we entered Cory’s house to play. This game is played at Cory’s home as Cory lost his legs, and it is safer and easier to relocate there than try to get Cory into our houses to play. We were all there today and played more of The Wild Beyond the Witch LIght setting. We are near the end of the campaign. I have agreed to DM for a few sessions between games, and I am writing an adventure for that (I need to get going on that again). We started investigating the final part, and as usual, for a start, it was slow going, and we missed following a clue and nearly lost a character. We are being more attentive now.

I could barely stand and was exhausted when we finished near 9PM. We play for 3.5 hours Sunday nights, and I am not usually tired. You sit and talk.

I drove home with care and reached home, and, as I have already described, just collapsed in a heap.

Yes, I will be more careful and did get some rest on Monday. Thank you for reading!



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