Story 19Sept2022

The pain and exhaustion continue today. I sometimes call out from the pain when I stand; yes, it sucks. I was busy all day as Mariah had car issues, so I traveled from Susie in Tigard to Forest Grove, an hour trip, using TV highway. I managed that by only brushing Beaverton; I am still on Beaverton strike.

I started the morning late (for me); after 8, having woken a few times moved and went back to sleep. I finally got going and wrote the blog for Sunday. I was too tired last night to consider it. The morning was going better, except the painkillers (Advil and Tylenol) did not stop the pain. I got updates from Tracy from Physical Therapy that she would be early and had to rush lunch, pasta, and sausage left over from a few days ago. I went in a hurry in Air Volvo.

I beat Tracy by fifteen minutes, crossing Cooper’s Mountain and taking the non-Beaverton roads. I stayed primarily legal. We called Susie’s mother while we waited, and Susie and Leta had a friendly chat on my iPhone using FaceTime. I nearly fell asleep while they chatted. I am still tired.

Tracy arrived, and we took Susie into the activity room and did some standing. Tracy and I also measured Air Volvo. We must cross 50 inches of space to get Susie in Air Volvo. We will try to transfer Susie in and out of the Air Volvo soon. It is one of our goals that Susie and I can get Susie in/out of Air Volvo.

Aside: I just ordered a step stool and an exercise step that is wider and less likely to kick out. One may help.

Susie can stand with a belt on and with Tracy’s help, but we improving. She leans to the right and has trouble with the right leg–as expected.

We also looked at the rubber ban things and discussed the balloon game. All good. Tracy is looking for a standing frame for us and will supply excises for the rubber band things next time.

I then took Susie for a short visit to the park. The day was nearly a perfect summer (not fall) day in Oregon. Lots of little people and even tennis players. We chatted with the tennis folks as we had none for so long. They were new, and told them to come more often as we hope to see more use from the courts. The courts were primarily empty this summer.

Linda, my sister, had a bit of a challenge. She hit a softball into a post, and it bounced back and smashed her in the mouth–ouch! Then, mom Wild, Barbara, did not answer her phone this morning, and Linda panicked. I spoke to mom Wild on Sunday, but Linda recovering from the slam, did not and was worried. Barb had trouble with leg pain (I am sympathetic), slept in, and ignored the phone. Everything is fine.

After leaving Susie in Jennifer’s good hands with a kiss goodbye, I traveled from hummingbird house to Forest Grove and found Mariah, after missing her the first time, in the bar of the Black Dog (she had to call me to tell me to turn around). I had a beer and a mushroom (their Born Wild burger, of course) and chatted about cars with Mariah.

She could walk short distances in Forest Grove, so I headed home. However, I did stop by Jim’s Ice Cream for a snack. I then crawled into bed and slept from 4ish to 6ish.

I got up and had cheese and crackers while catching up on Rings of Powers, the first episode that felt more Lord of the Rings and not a slow knock-off of Peter Jackson. The story is accelerating and has put away the Lord of Maps we saw before. The House of Dragons was next, which went slow but mainly to set up the ten-year jump in the next episode. I liked it, but it seemed primarily filler. Finally, we say goodbye to the young actors, replaced with the older folks in episode 6. A strange move, I think, but let’s see how they do.

I cleared out the car that must be at the shop at 7AM tomorrow.

I then wrote the blog.

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