Story 20Sept

I believe it is the vax side effects; I have been sleepy all day and rested a few times, which did not help much.

I was up at the hour when one believed one was insane to be up. I was in the shower before 6AM, had coffee, and headed out in Air Volvo to the mothership. Today was the original plan for servicing the car. A light on the tires changed my plans and caused me to have a service day last month, but today was the intense detailing (cleaning, polishing, and renewing). I do this once a year on my vehicles, so they always feel new. I only trade them in when I am unsure of the car. The previous XC60 I traded into, I did not like how it was handled, and the internal controls were old school. The current one is so nice; I paid it off, cleared the title, and plan to have it until I get the electric vehicle I want. The current direction is the Volkswagen ID.Buzz, with a name selected, The Van Electric, but I am waiting another year for them to appear in the USA market. I have to test drive them, and I could wait a year for the self-driving to become available.

Air Volvo is keeping its value; an offer of $32,000 for the car from Carvana suggests it will be valuable in the near future. I plan to keep Air Volvo for a while until ID.Buzz is a good option, or another Air Electric is discovered. I may retain a gasoline car for all the obvious reasons.

The dealership was not open ahead of time, and then I was directed back from the location of the service to Sarah at the Volvo Service desk a block away. She handled everything and apologized that I was not on her list for a loaner car. We agreed that I could just get a ride back as I was not expecting a loaner today.

I returned home after a nice Lyft ride. The driver was friendly, and we chatted. I was back in the home office by 7:20 and working from home. I did hours of Zoom calls missing only one in-person meeting.

I reheated some goulash for lunch and read a bit. I was suddenly tired again, and the pain in my right leg was quite uncomfortable, particularly when first standing up. I called out in distress a few times! I took more painkillers.

I spent the afternoon following along at work; no crises of the moment today. I rested a few times as I seemed to just become exhausted. I did pay my ticket to Beaverton with the lovely photo of my running a red light–I decided not to write anything and just accept the fine. Sarah called and sent a Lyft ride to get me. I was soon paying at Volvo for what seemed like a new car.

Next, I drove, not through Beaverton, to the hummingbird house. Susie had just laid down and was happy to see me. She was confused and kept saying something was wrong and that she was in the wrong room. She was also saying something was wrong with her. I think my being late and her not knowing why was the underlying issue.

I took Susie to the park; we did the big circle and the magnolia tree she loves. Susie talked to her mother on my iPhone, and we also called Rev. Anne Weld-Martin to chat. Susie was happy but still a bit confused.

Susie wanted me to take her home today, but she agreed to stay as she felt safe at the hummingbird house and liked it there. It is always heartbreaking to have this discussion, but today Susie accepts the logic, and she will continue to work to get better so she can someday ride in Air Volvo and at least visit her house.

I drove home, not crossing Beaverton, in the clean and nice-smelling Air Volvo. The pain is worse, and instead of making dinner, I stop at the Sushi place nearby and enjoy pulling little raw and cooked food on little dishes from the track. It is a fav.

I got home, rested, and then watched some more of the Netflicks Lucifer. Also rewatched the Power of the Rings episode and thought it the best so far. I like Lucifer, but it is very predictable.

I then wrote the blog while baking cookies. Yes, I need a cookie!

Thanks for reading.

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