Story 2Oct2022

The morning started with me getting going at about 7:30 this Sunday morning. Another perfect fall day here in Oregon with 85F (29.4C) sunny and rain free. I managed to write the blog in just about an hour and was ready in time to drive to church. Dan was ushering and wearing the same guy pride tie I was wearing.

The service features a sermon by our new pastor Rev. Ken Wytsma. But, what got my attention first was the hymn we sang, “Fairest Lord Jesus,” number 189 in the United Methodist Hymnal, translated from German by Joseph A Seiss. Rev. Seiss, a Lutheran in the late 1800s, wrote on the apocalypse and believed that bible study would reveal the modern beginning of the end times. He is among those scholars who influenced the movement now known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I thought I had read about Rev. Seiss before.

Pastor Ken talked about how Jesus was calling people, young people, to him as folks to learn–we are covering the Gospel of Mathew, chapter 4. Pastor Ken pointed out that disciple can mean a learner. We must remember that we can only teach and help folks; we are not responsible for them accepting or learning. We must also remember that Jesus started his ministry almost like the first youth group–Hollywood often has 30+ folks playing the disciples, but most were very young.

I spoke to a few folks after the service. Most wanted me to send their love to Susie.

Next, I got a text from Mariah, and after waiting a bit, we met at Pastini near Powell’s (Mariah was selling back some books for credit) for lunch. I had a not quite hot pasta dish. However, the garlic bread is always hot and great. Mariah ordered a dinner entree and took some of it and the garlic bread for tonight’s dinner.

While waiting for Mariah, I bought the latest Cook’s magazine, which surprised me with the newest way to cook a Turkey–this year, you use a cooking stone under the roasting pan. Each year they have a new idea that is radically different than last year. This year they kept the baking powder rub for the skin recommended now for the last few years.

After lunch, I finally headed to the hummingbird house and was there just around 3PM. Susie was ready for a spin through the park–it was still a perfect day. Metzger Park was full of folks enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon. Again, the air was electric with the feeling of needing to exercise/play before the rains made it miserable in the park.

We called Leta, who was about to make her version of Panera’s poppy seed fruit salad. Apparently, you can buy the dressing and just then need the fruit. Leta and Susie chatted for a while. Soon the bright sun had us warm, so we said goodbye to Leta and headed back after visiting the cooler cedar area.

Next, we set up a movie in the activity room. Susie wanted a musical, and she picked Mama Mia Two. It has some good songs, one amazing dance scene(here is Waterloo), and some songs (here is Cher) that are unexpected and some that make me cry. It is an excellent conclusion to the first movie, so if you liked the first one, I recommend the second one. Susie was surprised as she could not remember the film (we watched it last month), but she had not remembered movies even before the stroke.

We finished the movie, and Susie was just a few minutes late for dinner. Anessa, the nursing aide for today, took over and got Susie ready for dinner. I left with a kiss.

I drove to Whole Foods and bought groceries. I was still in my tie and church shirt! I took four bags into the house and, after returning with Air Volvo to the Volvo Cave, I defrosted some ground beef and made Michigan (non-spicy) tomato-based chili. This was ready about 8:30ish, and I watched the House of Dragons’ newest episode. It was crazy and dark–I liked it.

Finally, I got to writing this blog with a load of clothing in the washer.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

Thank you for reading.

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