Story 3Oct2022

The pain in my right leg got worse as the day went on. I am tired from the pain. I will try to write the blog with some flair, but it is hard to find joy in writing tonight.

I started the Monday as usual at 6:15 but then luxuriated in bed until 8ish as I had no meetings or issues until later in the morning. Nevertheless, I managed to get a breakfast of a banana and a slice of Brioche cream cheese swirl from Whole Foods bakery. That was matched with Fair Exchange liberal coffee in a French Press.

I made my usual mistake of asking questions at the status meeting, which increased the meeting’s length, and I got no real answers. I try not to ask the questions, but I know I am not the only person wondering the same things. I just cannot sit on the benches and have to get on the game floor–in Nike speak.

I also had a few crises of the moment on the upgrade. However, we did find our way, and I updated the documentation to cover the issues and solutions.

I am also getting ready for the weekend H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. So far, I have not heard if my 500-word microfiction was accepted. Last time it was announced at the last minute. I wrote two stories and hope maybe one will be accepted. Last year I won; we will see how these rushed stories do.

I reheated the wonton soup leftovers for lunch. Then, I watched some videos on YouTube, as is my habit. I like to learn while I am eating.

Next, I drove to the hummingbird house by crossing over Cooper’s Mountain. The mist (or smoke) made the hills look dramatic. Folks were speeding, and that surprised me.

Susie was in her recliner when I got there. Susie’s chair’s motor has failed, so she has to sit, not recline. That should get fixed soon. Jennifer, the nurse aide for today, got Susie in her wheelchair.

Susie with some flowers I picked up yesterday (Sunday) grocery shopping.

The park was much more empty on Monday early afternoon. School is on, and folks are also at work. We managed to get the bench in the cedars, and my leg hurt, so it was about as far as I could go away. The skies were clear and blue. There was no sign of smoke, and the crows were shouting for reasons only they understood.

We called Susie’s mother, Leta, and Susie, and she chatted for a while. Folks waved and said hello. It was an enjoyable visit. But, it was a work day, so I soon had Susie back at the hummingbird house and said goodbye with a kiss.

I made an error returning and did drive through part of Beaverton, but I think I avoided any more issues. I saw some extra-legal driving with lane-changing safety being open to your definition of safe. To recall Douglas Adams, I am unaware of this new definition of safe driving.

“Ah,” said Arthur, “this is obviously some strange usage of the word safe that I wasn’t previously aware of.”

I arrived home with Air Volvo still having all its paint, and the brake pads were not smoking–a safe return. I followed along at work and had another crisis of the moment that was quickly resolved.

I started dinner at about 4:45 by frying a defrosted pork chop from the freezer. I made some couscous to go with it. I cooked in butter almond slices, cinnamon, ground white cardamom, some ground cloves, and raisins. I added the couscous to that and hot boiling water. I made too much and bagged it later, which is also a leftover. I had that with a nectarine.

After dinner, I collected the board game Concordia and the new solo add-on and headed to Central Taps. There I set up and played a game drinking a beer. The game took about ninety minutes to play. The solo play worked well, but I missed the game’s social aspect. Still, it was an excellent application of solo play.

The whole set-up is for one player.

The final board shows yellow just ahead of black. For those who know the game well, I nearly choked when the random card it took was the Weaver Card.

I drove AIr Volvo home and picked up a messy hot fudge sundae at McDonald’s.

Not a bad day. The pain in my leg started from just stiffness to me grabbing for the Advil after walking a short distance carrying Concordia at the end of the day.

Thanks for reading. I will see a doctor if my right leg does not improve soon.

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