Story 4Oct2022: A Good Day

Today the pain has receded, and I am not as tired. I worked with Tracy today from PT, and she helped Susie and me get Susie safely into Air Volvo and out twice. Susie can likely travel for a limited time with me. I can get her in and out of the passenger side of Air Volvo. We tried to first put Susie in the back seat, which is lower, but the door does not open as wide, and the space is larger in the front seat, so that is a better fit.

The morning started with me waking, as usual, before my alarm and falling asleep a few minutes before it went off. I am then shocked awake–unpleasant. Remembering it was Tuesday, a work-from-office day, I rushed to breakfast and checked my email, texts, and Slack messages. I had a request there, and I answered it.

I then finished a breakfast of a slice of pastry with a banana and a cup of liberal coffee–Fair Exchange. I then rewrote the entrance text for my website for the blog figuring four years out-of-date was good enough. This kept me from leaving early. I felt like writing for a moment, so I just went with the feeling.

Traffic was much worse around 7:45 than at 7:20, which I usually aim for. At one point, the auto-braking took over with the cute chime, followed by the loud sound of the brakes locking. Nothing paint-scraping happened, and I thought the Volvo was a bit oversensitive (I suspect Air Volvo has another opinion of my driving this morning if queried).

Arrived intact at the shoe company’s Clubhouse building and was soon online and listening to a meeting about issues. I had only an hour of in-person meetings today–so strange to drive in to sit in a conference room by myself and call in.

We had a crisis of the moment that went on all day as we could not move changes into an upgrading system, oops. This was discussed all day and will be addressed more on Wednesday.

I slipped out at 11ish to drive on 217, which was surprisingly not loaded with traffic, and I witnessed no extra-legal driving. I reached Susie’s place and parked the car near the house, using two parking spots to give us plenty of room and options.

Hat and glasses off for safety.

As I described before, we got Susie into Air Volvo with Tracy moving Susie three times and I doing it two tries. It was a workout for all of us. This is also our last chance and, in effect, graduation for Susie. The PT sessions run out this week and the last one, growl, is mostly paperwork later this week. But, we managed our goal, I believe, and I will be able to get Susie loaded up and safe in AIr Volvo now.

After Tracy left, I took Susie for a short spin in the park; it was only 62F (16.67C) this early afternoon. It was overcast, and the clouds were white and low, spilling over the hills and burying the mountains. The sun, not even a bright spot, was missing as the cloud diffused all the sunlight.

Aside: At 3ish, the skies cleared, turning into a cool perfect day.

In the park, one mother was trying to put a child in a small swing, more like a bucket with holes. The kid did not put his legs in the holes but sat in the seat with his legs pointed up. It reminded me of our first attempts to get Susie in the car. I laughed with the mother, who thought it a hoot. After the third time, the laughing mother tried to get the child into the swing seat. the child realized there were holes when a leg fell through the hole and sat. It was fun.

Susie and I, Susie getting cold, quickly called Leta, Susan’s mother, and told her we got Susie into Air Volvo. Leta was happy for us–it has been three months of PT to get here. We finished the call and headed back to the warmer hummingbird house. I left with a kiss.

I returned by way of a sandwich at Jimmy John, not going with a lettuce wrap and having an East Coast Spicy Italian. I ate it in the not as clean as it once was Air Volvo.

I returned to work without incident and continued to work on the crises of the moment. I drove home at 4ish and then was online to 5:30, working on the crises. It will be worked more on Wednesday.

Dinner was cutting up the last slice of the pork roast and adding to a salad. I had leftover chopped salad veggies from the previous salad. It was more of a meat salad, but it was good.

I finished watching the House of Dragons’ newest episode and understood the ending unlike last time; this time, I got it, “Oh, that is better.” Watching this intermixed with the Lord of the Rings has given me an interesting perspective. I think Matt Smith is having a much more fun time being the bad guy than the LOTR actors all trying to fit into Tolkien’s world! But I like LOTR better as it seems to be reaching for something higher than the blood lust for power that is HOD–but Matt Smith is so good it makes up for that. All recommended, just not on the same day!

Thank you for reading. It was a good day!

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