Story 6Oct2022: Film Festival

Working backward, I was home at about 9ish and was tired out. I had just arrived in Air Volvo from Portland’s Overlook House; I had never been there before. It was built in the late 1920s, later given to the city, and has been a community center ever since. It looks like it is used for small parties and weddings.

I had driven to Portland at about 4ish, and it took forty-five minutes to reach the house, with the traffic building the whole time and threatening to make it a much longer trip. I then read the Analog SciFi magazine while I waited for the start time.

As usual with H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival events (the VIP party was at Overlook House this year), it started thirty minutes late. Nobody cared. We got our out badges (there are three more days to go) and entered the pleasant roaring twenties party. Many folks sported vintage wear or at least fancy dress. I had just a tie, a white button-down Oxford cloth shirt, under a sweater. The best I can do these days.

I spoke to many guests and had finger foods, a bachelor’s dinner–as we called this back in the 1990s, with beer and wine for the taking. I stuck to beer and had two glasses. The VIP party includes travelers and locals who have been doing the festival for years. Many folks from California and Phoenix and the usual bunch from Seattle. One from Idaho surprised me; Idaho is a pretty straight-laced state which usually ignores Oregon. I told all the new visitors to remember to tell anyone that asks them that it rained the whole time and that the stories that Portland is a burning wreck are true. I told them there was no reason to move to the greater Portland area with a wink and a nod. It is an open conspiracy that all the bad news and apparent disaster recordings are sent to the national news chains by our local media. The message is, “It is bad, don’t move here.” Also, it is better in Seattle; go there.

A cement spiral staircase is used by brides to descend to the wedding. I managed it in the dark just because.

The party was fun, and I learned I did not win the writing contest this time. Next year!

We had a gal singing with a great voice some 1920s-styled songs. There was a tarot card reading for a minor charge that I did not have a chance to try–maybe fate had a hand in me not learning my future. I passed on the H.P. Lovecraft horror story-based Pictionary game.

Before this, I was home and rushing through the chores I needed to complete on Thursday. Garbage was collected and put out. The recycling was assembled, sorted, and stuffed. Glass was put in the correct container. The board games are unloaded from the car, except Scythe is always in the car. Will, a fear years ago, told me to always carry that game, and I do–always ready to play another game. I also left chess in the car. I then changed clothes and shaved (not wanting to play a hardened detective with a five-o-clock shadow at the party).

While this was happening, I called and talked to shoe company folks. Unfortunately, we are still working on a few crises at the moment. I did respond once at the party too.

I also found that OcCre had sent me my special order wooden ship kit. Yes, I have committed to an expensive kit and will have to find the time and energy to build it. I could not resist a fictional ship on the same scale as Dungeons and Dragons (1/50 or so) with a cutaway hull and lighting and brass stand with tentacles: The ghost ship The Flying Dutchman. It was so expensive that the shipping from Spain was free and fast. It fits me so well I have to try it.

Before leaving work, I visited Susie at the hummingbird house. Unfortunately, I could only stay for a few minutes, but we took a quick spin in Metzger Park. It was a warm day, and the clouds had burned off by then. We called Susie’s mother, Leta, and chatted with her for a few minutes in the park.

Susie, with more flowers, reads a letter from her Aunt Glenda and Uncle Gene.

Aside: Susie is using a manual recliner now. It works fine.

Before this, I had grabbed lunch at a Mexican place. It was expensive as I meant to drive-thru the burger place next door and did not know what to order. I had a burrito that could have fed two folks and a taco that could have been lunch on its own. I was shocked by the $18 price until I realized how much food I had ordered. It was all good, but I could not finish.

Aside: The clerk at the drive-thru saw my Nike badge; he was wearing a lot of Nike stuff and was happy to hear, while they made my huge food order, my story of saying hello to Michael Jordan a few times and Tiger Woods hitting golf balls into the Nike WHQ windows and being surprised by the windows not breaking. It was nice to meet a fan of Nike and tell them some stories.

Before leaving work to see Susie and get lunch, I worked on issues and listened to status reports all morning. Again, spending more than two hours on Zoom calls on Thursday morning in the office.

I was only a few minutes late for the first 8AM status meeting in Air Volvo. I had heavy morning traffic again as I was running late this morning. My body decided to empty for a while, and I have found it best not to resist! My oncologist strongly suggested I should be ready for new habits and accept them. Also, all the nerves in my colon are cut, and things moved around, so I am not sure what is happening down there and just need to let it flow, ahem. Resistance is futile (and unpleasant).

I started as usual at 6:15 and was rushed in the morning. I was disappointed that Gwen (Gwen and Brian run the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and other events) had not sent out the 500-word micro story contest winners, but I was happy to see the instructions for the VIP part (sent at 2AM by Gwen!) in my email.

It was a busy day and a good start for the festival. Thanks for reading.


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