Story 7Oct2022: Film Festival

Going backward, it was a long film, a Covid film, and weird and slightly disturbing. As a Covid-19 impact film, it usually had not more than one person in the frame. As it passed 11PM, I found myself nodding off–I think it could be edited shorter, but I was tired (I liked it). It finished, and I headed back to the car. Air Volvo was parked on the rooftop parking across the street from the Hollywood Theater in Portland.

The drive home was difficult as I was tired, and my right leg complained. It had a couple workouts today. I arrived after having to circle around in Portland when the on-ramp was closed for highway 26. I always have navigation running when returning home late from Portland in case a bridge is closed, a ramp is closed for repairs, another naked bike ride that I accidentally join in Air Volvo (with clothing on), or other Portland-centric events that block my trip back to home in Aloha (Reedville) through Portland and Beaverton. The navigation helps in the dark and when I am tired.

I was in bed soon, before 1AM, and trying to sleep before the morning came too soon. Light painkillers were taken.

Before this, I was sitting in the third row on the left aisle seat that is at an angle, so it has nobody sitting in front of it. I was sitting in the main theater at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Brian and Gwen are the directors, and they got the Festival going only about an hour late. No complaints from anyone as we all got food, beer, pizza, and popcorn, read the schedule, enjoyed our food, and waited.

After a few words, an actor dramatically read H.P. Lovecraft’s What The Moon Brings poem. This reading is done with a night sky projected behind the reader and a giant moon slowly crossing the back. It is one of Lovecraft’s early pieces and shows his strengths. It was great.

This was followed by a block of short horror and/or Mythos films. This is ‘block 1’ of great works only shown once at the Festival. I always plan to see it on Friday. The Colouring Book Out of Space was really funny. It is vital to stay in the lines! None of the shorts creeped me out light last time. All were great.

In one of the discussions, it was said that you must mix some comedy to make the scares deeper. All of the best and scariest shorts had laughs between the scares and creepiness.

Before joining the folks at the Hollywood Thearter, I walked to and back, about 1/2 mile with my right leg complaining, to a pre-show party with the filmmakers. I ordered food that never appeared after two hours–they were slammed. That was forgiven by two excellently made gin and tonics (made with locally made gin). I did not know it then, but I was hanging out with the makers of the funny Colouring book short.

I arrived before that in Air Volvo, parked in my usual spot. Then I discovered the party was 1/2 a mile walk and decided to risk it. It was a painful but wonderful walk. The early evening in Portland was warm and dry. I had arrived from Guardian Games, which I stopped by on the way and then made a wrong turn and did a driving tour of Portland. I managed to survive the gaming store without discovering anything I must have.

Before this, I had a snack and a drink at BJ’s Brewhouse in Beaverton with Susie. It was Susie’s first outing in a year and trip in Air Volvo. She had just a sip of a Southern Comfort Manhattan with two cherries (on a stick for safety) on the rocks. I cut one cherry into a small safe bit, and Susie had that, too (a fav). I ordered a cheese dip and bread on the side, and Susie had a tiny bit of bread dipped in the cheese–cheese is a fav with Susie and is better hot and on chips (or more safely on some soft bread).

I saw my usual waiter, Eric, was on (later, I apologized to Mo for not picking her as our waiter when she met us on the way out), got a booth, and had Susie at the end. It was not that comfortable, but it worked well. Unfortunately, their booths are not made for XL folks.

Before getting to BJ’s, I parked the car in the parking lot, unloaded the heavy wheelchair and moved Susie, just myself and Susie doing the work, and got Susie safe and comfortable in the chair. I put her back in when we left BJs (bring the leftover bread for Jennifer and her family’s dinner–hot crescent rolls) without issue (my right leg, I think, was amazed that it could do this and that I was willing to piss it off again–but to me, pain is just a warning, not a definition).

Before taking off with Susie, Jennifer, the nurse aide on for today, watched and advised me on my placing Susie in the car (this time, I landed Susie sideways in the chair in Air Volvo, next time, I need to do a final push that I missed). Jennifer was worried for the two hours we were out, but we returned to the hummingbird house intact.

Before heading off to BJ’s, Rick came for the final physical therapy checkout. I think he was hiding how pleased he was that we had all reached the goal of Susie transferring into the car with me doing the transfer. With our sessions ending on Friday, I will need a new prescription for Occupational Therapy–new goals for Susie to be able to sign her name, handle a spoon better, hold a book, use a pencil, and generally improve arm movements. I discussed the following options, all OT, with Rick. This is on the list for the next doctor appointment, which is upcoming.

Before getting to the hummingbird house, I was busy reading and writing the blog. I was up late at the party on Thursday night, so writing was left for the morning. I left just in time to see Rick and Susie at 11 on Friday

Aside: My stories, 500-word micro fiction, was not selected. Next year! I read the winning story, and Gwen is obviously looking for direction mention of the Mythos and chills and creepiness. Also, to be successful, a 500-word story needs to focus on just a single experience–my stories had problems with this. Last year, my story had these features and left the reader spooked. Again, next year!

I had to call into work several times and write back some instructions and advice on a few issues. I had promised to be available and was.

It was a busy Friday. I had a blast.



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