Story 17Oct2022: Monday

Again, the morning is smokey, and the air smells of burning forests. Cool nights, 50F or less (10C), and warm evenings with temperatures approaching 80F (26.7C). The desert style is happening, and the temperature crashes when the sun goes down. A light breeze from the high desert is cold and brings smoke from the east. I wear a sweater now.

Rains start on the weekend and will continue until June-July 2023. We all will be happy to see the rain back. But I suspect we will miss the sun by March!

The day started with me working from home as usual on Mondays. The work for the weekend is over, and folks are switching to regular hours again. We used to have a joke, “Thank God it is Monday–we can just work a regular day!” I see a bit of that.

I started at 7ish and was online reading emails, texts, and slack messages to get caught up. Nothing was severe, and I went into the first status meeting without too much concern. The next release has some data issues, as we are in the first extensive tests, and the data relevancy is again an issue. The 70% accuracy for each data type has excluded a consistent set for running the transactional conversions. This happened last time. I heard the same consultants give me the same statements as the last time. So I left the channel a bit early. I returned to things I could control.

After a few more items, I was dressed and went out, and cut roses (this was more productive) after the third try to load some software. Enjoying the extended Sunlight and lack of gray pouring rain this October, my roses are still blooming and growing. I deadheaded, trimmed, and cut roses for Susie. Wedgwood, a David Austin English Rose, was still going strong and covered with pink blooms. My Mister Lincoln was also in bloom. The rose that is older than me that came with the house (having been transplanted from the previous owner’s mother’s house) I cut back and got two good tea roses for Susie. The thorns on Wedgwood are impressively sharp, and I wrapped the flowers for Susie with care in some paper.

I am seeing powdery mildew on the leaves for the first time–the extended lack of rain is likely the cause. Black Spot is also showing, which I seldom see. Unfortunately, the extended dry and sun are also extending some of the usual pests.

I then took the roses and headed over Coopers Mountain. The construction on the roads surprised me, and I took a different way back to avoid the mess. I soon reached the hummingbird house.

It was cool still, as the smoke and mist blocked the sun, so we only visited inside. We called Leta, Susan’s mother, and chatted with her for a while. My sister also called; she returned my call and chatted with us for a bit–Linda has the new non-Covid-19 wicked flu (get those shots). But soon, it was time for me to return home.

As I said, I went back by a different road to avoid trouble (like the wise men). I stopped by the Rite Aide to get my prescription for my upcoming colonoscopy. My prep stuff is lemon flavor (I asked for whiskey or margarita flavor)–December 22 will be party time for that.

The line was six deep, and it took thirty minutes as Rite Aide closed our store, moved us to the old failing Farmington store, and added no staff. I am sure this store is cheaper to run and is run down and that the long-term lease in the failing strip mall was affordable. But, it means they are always behind by days in filling prescriptions. I have switched most of my stuff to mail now. Hummingbird house uses a mail-order pharmacy for Susie that bills me about $250 a month with insurance.

I finally managed to return to the Volvo Cave. I spent the rest of the afternoon helping with a few leftover issues from the weekend and trying to install more software.

I did rest for a bit. I am trying to slow down a bit as I think that is part of my issue–trying to do too much all at once. Not to mention I have a bit of stress.

I also ordered a pizza for my mother in Michigan using GrubHub. My sister has been too sick to ensure Mom Wild has food and stuff. So I supplied a pizza and even a salad. Next, mom asked me about cigarettes. No idea you could order that to be delivered in East Lansing, Michigan, from Oregon. But yes, you can, as long as the credit card name and the delivery name match. So Mom Wild gave me her credit card number over the phone, and I had that delivered too. I even talked to the delivery folks in Lansing, who was happy to help. So food and requirements are done, and Linda, my sister, does not have to take care of that.

Aside: The stock market went up 550+ points today after losing about the same last week. I am shaking my head as folks try to manipulate the markets and public opinion. We have a tremendous over-revving economy right now. Try to enjoy that.

I got one of the smoked 1″ thick pork chops from the Metzger German Deli. I cooked it in butter with some Herbs de Provence and cayenne pepper to give it just a little kick. I added no salt as this is a smoked product. Next, I made corn niblets (frozen) with a steamer basket adding butter, salt, and lots of ground pepper. This plus a salad I made, chopping celery and carrots to go in it.

I again watched the newest episode of the House of Dragons to see what I missed. I did see this time that the gal needlepoint was a spider–she is one of the spies of the unknown spider–look for it. I loved the episode, but not as much as the final episodes of Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power which has finally found its footing in the last four episodes (I am not sure the first three are watchable).

I then decided to head to WildWood Taphouse to write. I am tired of staying home.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

Thank you for reading.


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