Story 18Oct2020: Tuesday

As I have Wednesday off and yesterday was a tough day, I left the blog to be written on Wednesday morning. I also slept in until 7:30ish. I had gone to bed early and fell right to sleep. Unfortunately, I woke a few times, and my right leg hurt all night–the first time that happened.

It was stressful as Susie was not feeling well and did not get up. She worried me as we were in the same months when the previous strokes happened. However, I learned this morning from Michelle, who runs the home, that Susie was back to normal about dinner time on Tuesday.

I will leave the narrative style today and cover the main events on Tuesday. It is good to try different styles.

First, the air was white today with smoke, smog, and mist. We started at moderate and were headed to worse. Rains start on Friday, but these look lighter (in the forecast) than our usual soaking October. It is possible that we will see no rain in some areas!

The day started as usual, and soon I was in the office building Clubhouse for Nike. This is off-campus and, while nice, is not as nice as working at Nike WHQ. I managed to arrive a few minutes early and without dodging school buses–I managed to be just a few minutes before they started collecting the kids and jamming the local traffic.

In Clubhouse, I met two visitors looking for places to sit, we have open seating, and I asked them what group they support; they are production support Infosys folks, and I led them to the seating area of the group they support. While we have open seating, folks do group in areas, and some desks are always picked by the same person–so it is sort of open seating. I told them where to get free coffee, as I am sure they were jetlagged coming from India.

Moving to the next happening, I was contacted a bit later in the morning that Susie was not feeling well and was not getting up. This is concerning, and I soon headed to the hummingbird house. Susie was still in her room and comfortable in bed. She did not feel well and did not want to get up. Susie was terribly thirsty, and I got her some water. She laid back and went back to sleep. I stayed an hour. I was worried it was a stroke, but it could just be an off day. Susie did want to call anyone, so I just took a photo to share of a weak smile and left worried.

I stopped by Jimmy Johns for a sandwich, and they had some vast to-go orders; I was told that they would not take my order for 15 minutes. I waited a bit, but they were truly busy making sandwiches and did not take my order. I left. I found a Western Burger at Carl’s Jr. and ate that in the parking lot listening to the Oregon Public Broadcasting show on local politics. They do local stuff every noon and repeat it at 7PM. I was trying to not worry.

Next, my Microsoft Outlook (email and calendar) is not correctly running on my Nike laptop, so I spent the afternoon with the Performance Bar working with the gal there, trying to fix it. The conclusion is that we need to reinstall it. As I am off on Wednesday, it would not be a good idea to start removing and reinstalling MS Office on Tuesday at 3PM. Until then, I can use to get the features I need.

Moving to the evening, I ordered dinner from GrubHub as I was stressed and did not know what might happen. It never showed. I finally got it canceled and refunded. I ordered again; it was so late that the original place was closing, and I got some Italian food that arrived at 9ish instead. My original order was all veggie–I went for Italian Sausage and pasta for the replacement–they were still open.

I watched the NetFlix show Lucifer episodes, finished season 2, and laughed throughout the show.

I went to bed early and did no writing as I could not get my focus back.

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