Story 23Oct2022: Sunday

I awoke at 6:15, knowing that I had failed to do something important; further, I knew it was Monday morning, and I had to get going for work. I just knew it. Of course, it was still dark, overcast Sunday, and I had to write the blog and get to Susie at 10AM so I could get her, like the song, to church on time. I tried to go back to sleep but kept waking up, thinking I had missed something important. I had gone to bed after 1AM, and it was not helping to be back awake at 6ish, irrationally thinking I was missing something important.

So before 7ish, I was up making coffee and preparing a small breakfast of the last of the croissant bread and a banana with liberal coffee. I then dived into writing the blog as I was time-boxed. I needed to be at Susie’s at 10ish. Thus I wrote fast and furious.

I managed to get the writing done only a few minutes over time and jumped in the shower and dressed, and I was out the door by 9:40ish and crossed Beaverton, a slightly faster route than driving over Coopers Mountain. However, I did see three police cars along my path, using Allan to avoid Old Town and its 20 mph sections.

I reached the hummingbird house, and Susie was ready. Unfortunately, I did not have a blanket in the car, and though Susie was warmly dressed, the church was cold today. I find the church is finally warm in the mornings after daylight savings ends (for all the silliest reasons). Next time I will have a blanket for Susie.

I did the lift for Susie into Air Volvo, the front passenger seat. Susie could not help, so I had to struggle just a bit, but she was safe, and we managed to reach the church, me unloading her, with Evan looking on and putting the wheelchair in and out of Air Volvo for me. Evan was off from work for the day–he has an acting job at a haunted house, and apparently, his voice was hoarse from that. Thus, his call center job gave him a sick day.

Next, Evan joined us at First United Methodist Church in Beaverton for Sunday service. Everyone was happy to see Susie make three Sundays in a row. Karen Wilson, the church treasurer, gave the sermon and did an excellent job. She talked about the salt of the earth, how salt can be reclaimed, and that salt penetrates, preserves, and makes things better. Karen said the same is true of the Gospels. She described how salt is understood in various cultures and how it binds some folks together in rituals. It was a nicely done sermon. Pastor Ken, who had to follow Karen, said it was a very thoughtful discussion and liked how she brought the basic ideas together. Bravo Karen.

After church, Susie tried some coffee, but most of it spilled on her sleeves. She was also cold and was getting tired. So after loading her again into Air Volvo without much help from her, I took Susie back to her house in Tigard.

We called Michelle S on the way back to wish her a Happy Birthday. I do not know how old Michelle is; she keeps it a secret from me; I always wish her a Happy Birthday, and she never tells me which one it is. It is a thing.

Michelle is in New York City seeing Cat, her daughter, the daughter that still lives in NYC now on Roosevelt Island. They were headed to the Met via Central Park and had watched Wicked the night before. They had won $30 seats in the lottery held for leftover seats. It is a local NYC thing. Having spent five weeks there when Susie had a stroke, Cat kept me company at many dinners all over NYC. Cat and I went to the reopening of the Phantom of the Opera when I was there.

I got Susie in the wheelchair one more time on Sunday at the hummingbird house and then rolled into Anessa’s care, today’s nursing aide. I left with a kiss and headed to Portland.

I had planned to head to Ebert’s for chicken wings; they have the best I have had. I invited Evan, Kathleen, and Richard (plus Shana) to join me if they wanted. No pressure. I planned to hang out for a while and eat and drink–folks were welcome.

Evan found me first, followed by Kathleen and Richard with Shana. We all got food, and folks who drank got beer. After that, we just chatted and had a good visit. I enjoyed my wings, ordering extra to share. We hung out until 3:30ish, and then the group broke up.

It was nice to see everyone out for food. After that, I headed to Powell’s, bought a new book–The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner, and went to the Starbucks across the street after giving up my seat in Powell’s coffee bar when I saw a gal with disabilities needed a chair. So I could sit outside with my hat and sweater.

I wrote the blog there until the sun headed down and, burr, it got cold.

I headed back to the car, but the new Southern American place, Screen Door, beckoned to me. The place recently opened and is popular. It was not as busy Sunday night as the folks were heading home. I got a seat at the bar and a sort of bartender and waiter gal with nice vampire fangs that she was willing to display after I noted them and asked, “do they only appear with the moon or if there were other causes”–quite dead-pan as if asking about the weather. She smiled fully, and I complimented them and got an even bigger fanged smile. Yes, I am in Portland, and my waiter-bartender is more “Interview with a Vampire” (which was set in the Southern US) than Chicken Waffle slinger. I asked for a recommendation, and we settled on the veggie plate of tomatoes and cucumbers (she said the tomatoes were perfect and were what she had). I had that with a cream soda, also flavored with fresh strawberries.

Yes, the vampires recommend vegan meals in Portland. It was smallish but excellent, and I am not a strong tomato person–small is even better. So I read my new book, liked it, drank my cream soda, and ate my veggies with my friendly local vampire checking on me and smiling when I told her it was perfect–a disconcerting sight, I am sure.

Not sure what to do, but pay the check and head home. I managed to pay for the parking and reached home without a genre-appropriate sudden appearance of the local vampire to finish me off in the dark lonely parking garage. I suspect I am being groomed as her Renfield, starting with very fresh veggies. I expect great things!

I was tired and cold. I put on the electric blanket and watched the season-ending episode of House of Dragons–which I thought was predictable and less enjoyable than Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. But I will watch it again and see if I like it better the second time.

Next, still cold and coughing, I rested and read more of my new book.

Thanks for reading. Good Evening (I had to say it).

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