Story 24Oct2022: Monday Crazy

There are days when the universe looks over, sees you, and says, “Hold my beer.” Yup, it wanted a piece of me today. So I had a setting out of wack, and my WiFi was a bit slow, but it looked broken. I contacted Ziply Fiber, and the helpful people had me acquire a complex device, a bent paperclip, and push the button of Router Death (reset). Now nothing works as the name of my network is now hex codes, and the password is impossible to remember a collection of letters and numbers (I take a photo of it). So now nothing works. I must reset Alexa, Amazon Fire, and even my printer to use the new hex codes. And WiFi is still slow until I find the setting. I cancel the truck coming to the house. My morning is not very happy.

I have some breakfast cereal and milk with liberal coffee. Next, I read about some issues at work, and next, I get showered, dressed, and ready for the day. Then, I decide to eat lunch of leftovers, pasta in spicy red sauce, and a salad I put together. Finally, I head to see Susie.

The universe is not done with me yet; I have gas. I have lots of gas. It is not gas–I leave it at that. I have to turn around, and everywhere there is slow traffic; I am in a hurry to get back. My face, I am sure, is showing moments of great concentration. I manage to return without spillage. I called the hummingbird house I was not making today and called Leta, too–Susan’s mother. I did spend some time being emptied in multiple rounds.

I did have to lie down for a while after that. I then had chills. And this led me to take a Covid-19 test (I also, at first, had a temperature), but that was negative. And then the temperature went down to normal.

I had one more meeting, it was too important to miss, and it went well. My colleagues mostly handled it, and it was a successful meeting. Wow, something went right today!

I then wanted to order dinner, but I just could not spend that kind of money and made myself a ham and cheese sandwich, finishing the bread. I used the excellent ham from the German Deli in Metzger. After putting in the hex codes, I then watched Andor on Disney+. This is their new dark series set in the Star Wars times between the sets of movies. The episode was unpredictable and well done, and the endings were very well. While dark and bouncing strangely from laughs to tears, I liked this more gritty version of Star Wars–more like I would imagine.

I am still reading The Lost Apothecary while resting and in the restroom for long periods. I am not sure I like the book, as the main character seems to think a lot about her philandering husband, which does not move the story. The writing is plain and without interesting words or fascinating descriptions. You want to be the main character in adventure stories or imagine meeting them and liking them. It is hard to love the main characters in this book. Colorful and/or dramatic language is the de rigueur, and that is missing. But, often, these books take a while to grow–so I am hopeful.

I saw that the universe relented, and my Mister Lincoln rose was about to bloom in the wet that now our weather. It looks great with all the raindrops.

Lastly, I went to Wildwood Taphouse and started to write. I wanted to get out, and my insides seemed to settle down.

Thank you for reading.


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