Story 25Oct2022

Just covering the events of today as I was tired and recovering a bit from the previous day. A short note today.

Aside: After I finished the blog yesterday at Wildwood Taphouse, JR paid my tab–a retired Nike IT person. Thanks!

I was up in the morning with my alarm at 6:15 and was severely chilled. I was also worried that my colon might suddenly try to empty like yesterday, so I decided to work from home and go easy. I tried to go slow and easy all day, wearing a sweater to stop the cold.

I ordered a maza plate from Gyro House via Grubhub for lunch. A veggie lunch with spreads and flatbread, falafel, and stuffed grape leaves. I wanted to go easy on the food. Breakfast was cereal and mile with banana slices added.

I felt up to visiting Susie. I tried to call ahead, but they were busy. Susie was lying down listening to music when I got there at the hummingbird house. I sat on her bead, and we chatted a bit. I called her mother, Leta, on my iPhone using FaceTime, and we all chatted for a while.

I read Susie’s labs to her; she is anemic, and there may be some liver function issues. Later today, the doc’s nurse called and said they want more blood work and a liver scan. I will discuss this with Susie and see if we will do any of these tests.

I left with a kiss and returned home. I rested a bit and followed along on some work issues. I had no repeat of any health issues today.

I got a text from Mariah that we could meet for dinner at Double Mountain, a pizza and beer joint in South East Portland. So I enjoyed Tuesday evening traffic and the Ross Island bridge. Finally, reaching the pizza place twenty minutes late. Mariah got to wait for me.

We had a nice dinner; I had a white pizza with mushrooms and dark Irish beer. Mariah had meat pizza with homemade peppers. Later, I gave Mariah the tulips I bought and realized I was not planting that many. I also had a spare metal rake and brought that to her.

After that, I drove home by way of Guardian Games, managing to resist buying anything.

I wrote the blog and was tired tonight.

Thanks for reading. Sorry, it is a short note today.

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