Today 1Nov2022: Tuesday

I am changing the name of these stories to Today as that makes more sense to me.

I am cold this evening and had reheated pizza and the rest of the chicken caesar salad for dinner. I watched a shipwreck finder show on Disney+ while eating dinner, but I thought it was terrible–so no name.

The day started with me waking twenty minutes before my alarm. I had just fallen asleep when it went off. I laugh when that happens (it is that or scream, “Nooooo,” and turn to dust like Dracula). The morning was rushed as it was a work-from-office day, and I quickly got my breakfast of cereal with milk and liberal coffee made in a French Press. I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake, so this coffee was all I had today as I did not get any of the free Starbucks coffee at work. However, I did take a coffee cup full of coffee to work to finish it.

I read my email and tried to get up-to-date on the news. I read the work emails and reviewed any updates in various Slack channels, which are starting to reproduce like mushrooms. Everyone wants you to watch their texts. I have to admit I created a new channel today too.

I was soon dressed and remembered the flowers I bought yesterday at Safeway for Susie. I reached work without incident in Air Volvo and was just ahead of the school buses. It is gray on gray with a bit of rain.

At my shared space, but always the same one, I was quickly researching and thinking about some new items we could be working on now. It was Tuesday, so the morning was full of Zoom meetings, but at least some were in conference rooms. Once that stopped, I headed to see Susie.

Susie was going slow (she had trouble sleeping last night) and was still eating breakfast when I arrived. I spent an hour with Susie and her eating breakfast. We briefly chatted with Susie’s mother, Leta, who was still at a church bible study in Lansing, Michigan. Susie loved the flowers, and she is getting serious about eating (she lost twenty pounds in the last four months), and there is a slight improvement already (she is also drinking Ensure–three bottles a day). Susie was finished, and I was out of time. She was sorry to see me leave, but I left with a kiss and a promise to return on Wednesday.

I stopped on the way back at Carl’s Jr. and had a guilty pleasure: A Western Burger. It is the last fast food I eat. After that, I returned to work and talked to some folks about some new ideas. It is time to start thinking about new cool things to do. I also did some reading and research on options.

I left work at about 4:30PM feeling tired again. I missed that afternoon coffee! I got home, plugged in my Nike laptop, and had a connection error. Puke! I went out to the kitchen and started making an early dinner.

After dinner and the show on shipwrecks, I returned and got my laptop to work when I remembered to hard plug it into my network. Yup, password sync issue–got me last time at the house. My laptop and network password are out of sync, which can be fixed by hard plugging into my network or using Nike’s network at the office. Wifi logins are not likely possible. That may explain some of the issues in MS Office. I will chat with the Performance Bar on Wednesday.

I spoke to Susie’s niece Emma. I sent her a copy of the Herbalist’s Primer book from a Kickstarter–I support many book projects and usually order a spare copy to give away. It is a Dungeons and Dragon book on the magical use of plants. She has not received it yet but is recovering from Covid-19, and the idea behind the book intrigued her. We talked about gaming things. Emma and I used to play chess, and she has played Dungeons and Dragons for years. I am glad she is getting better.

Thanks for reading.


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