Today 2Nov2022

I took off Thursday and decided to write the blog today, but then I slept in and went slow. Trying to get some of that rest, I keep promising myself and others to do it. So I am now a bit rushed and will just do an outline for Wednesday.

I ate a bagel at 10PM (22Hr) and took my pills. I had written just a few more paragraphs in my Dungeons and Dragons adventure–just trying to do something every day. Before this, I was at First United Methodist Church, and we had a hooligan sitting on the church steps high and saying mean things about God. We managed to politely shoo him away, but we did find a used hypodermic outside on the steps.

I was at the church to play board games with my dangerous and wicked 11-year-old Zophia, who beat me again. Today’s game was The Lost Ruins of Arnak, the base game. This is one of the newer games that combines a strong theme with more contemporary gaming structures to create a fun and interesting game. The game has the worker placement and resource management style I like. It combines this with deck-building to control your turn and then a research track to apply your acquired resources. The theme, well used, is a 1920s Hollywood-style archeology movie. It plays well for two players and expands some options to accommodate three and four players–the game does not slow much with more players. It is a fav, and I have a blinged-out copy.

My friend Richard says this is a light game; I would say it is the entry-level to more complex games. It flows well, and I have seen turns run long at the end, as someone discovered all the means to play and take first place. But, on the other hand, I like all the options.

Zophia, her time at this game and with my help, beat me by ten points. Next time I will pay more attention!

Before this, I skipped dinner and worked at home for a while. Unfortunately, the fix for my laptop did not work–I think the laptop and network passwords are out-of-sync, and I will have to invest some time at the Performance Desk next week.

I left work, got lunch, and then I visited Susie at the hummingbird house; she had slept poorly for the last few days and was slightly off. We did call Susie’s mother, Leta, and chatted with her for a while. Susie is confused or is asleep when talking, and the staff is just helping late at night by getting her up for a bit and then putting her to bed again. Susie was tired and sleepy on Wednesday. She dropped her cup of Ensure, drinking three bottles a day, and Jennifer cleaned up the mess. Yes, there is no carpet in the place–just mop it up.

I spent the day working at the office; I worked on some more research and some planning meetings and discussions. I have also suggested a significant performance that is shocking to folks. I also have some other suggestions for forward-looking improvements to master data error tracking and logging. Time to do some architecture work–finally.

Travel today was without events, and I did the usual things in the morning. Cereal with milk and fresh banana plus liberal coffee. Lunch was a stupid choice of a burger at Carl’s Jr. that left me full and overwhelmed. Not again–only Western Burgers, if that.

Well, I am rushed again as I am going slow today and have to get a few things done before heading out to a lunch meeting I kept on my day off, then Susie, and then a new doctor. Mariah wants to meet for dinner in Portland. So have to get my day started.

Thank you for reading!

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