Story 27Nov2022: Sunday

The morning started with me waking after a whole night’s sleep. Something hard to come by of late. I started writing the blog at about 7ish and finished writing a long blog, as Saturdays are always busy. It always seems that I try to fit a whole weekend into one single day. I managed to finish at about 9ish and then shower and all of that. I had a yogurt and a banana with liberal coffee. I even slipped in a few minutes in the morning of working on my Dungeons and Dragons adventure, which is starting to fit together with the story encounters I wrote.

Air Volvo was buried in leaves. The garage is stuffed, so Air Volvo lives outdoors and ages a bit from that. My gutters are stuffed too. Only one tree has let go, more like a leaf explosion. The other tree is usually two weeks later. My lawn service appreciates that the trees don’t bury me all at once, but the extended leaf clearing crushes them every Oct-Nov. I remember clearing the leaves for Halloween for trick-or-treating before, so that gives you an idea of how much time the season has changed: three weeks.

Once I cleared the windshield, I could take Air Volvo to see Susie at the hummingbird house. Trees everywhere are letting go now, and the sidewalks are lost in a pile of browns, yellows, and reds. I reached Susie, and Anessa, the weekend nursing aide, got Susie ready. I did the lift to put Susie in the car, and Susie turned into a pile of noodles in my lift of Susie, and I had to adjust her in her seat. I was ready for noodles the second time after church.

We arrived at church, and I unloaded Susie with no issues from Air Volvo. Everyone was happy to see us, and there were more folks there, as is usual, after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. We had found Williams Sonoma Chili Lime Tequila Brittle at the mall and brought some for Dondrea. She loved it.

Aside: It is only available in stores!

Pastor Ken Wytsma’s sermon covered Matthew’s chapter six famous section on the evil of wealth. The pastor suggested that it is not so much wealth as letting the pursuit of advancement, money, and power that can separate someone from the things he/she/they needs to focus on. Too often, religious leaders and people concentrate on chasing wealth and losing what matters most. There is a reason why money is mentioned so often in the New Testament.

We called Leta after most of the coffee hour had broken up after church. Leta was happy to see Susie at church, and I showed Leta, using the iPhone, all the familiar decorations. Leta has been to First United Methodist Church in Beaverton for a few Christmases and recognized the usual setup.

Soon, Susie was tired, so I took her back by Air Volvo and got her safely loaded and unloaded. Anessa was happy to see Susie back and safe. I left with a kiss while Anessa and Susie worked out if lunch would be before or after a nap.

I returned home and had leftovers (somewhere Glenda is smiling when reading this) reheated in the glassware I received from Glenda and Gene. My reheated porkchop, green bean casserole, and mac and cheese were excellent. I ate some of this while chatting with Joan G on our after-church Zoom meeting, a leftover from the Covid-19 days. It was just us, and we chatted for a while.

After that, I wrote some more of my Dungeons and Dragons adventure and worked on a special figure I made for the adventure. I have more to make if I can get the 3D printers working (growl). After that, I rested a bit and read some more Mind MGMT comics, which are pretty good. I have a new board game by the same artist that uses the same name. It is a hidden movement game where you try to capture the agent player by using clues to their location. I have the game Fury of Dracula, which operates some of the same mechanics and is a favorite.

I headed out to BJ’s Brewhouse for a salad and a beer. I wrote a little and ordered some gifts for a recovering friend–something unusual (are you not surprised) and handmade on Esty. I hope the items some intact and soon. I love shopping there as they have so many cool things, but you must be aware of travel and manufacturing times as some items take months to get.

I got home and started on some cinnamon rolls, but the dough is not rising so far. So, while waiting, I wrote this blog and cleaned up.


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