Story 28Nov2022: Monday

Monday is not usually so crazy, and then I decided to watch the old movie Willow as Disney+ is starting a new series. I am writing the blog on Tuesday morning as I have the day off. I have a Physical Therapy appointment today and could not imagine mixing that with work and seeing Susie, so I took the day off from work.

Going backward, I finished Willow after 11PM and went to bed. I woke at 4ish and had some trouble sleeping, but I slept into 7ish and feel OK this morning.

Before watching the show, I was in Portland. Mariah texted me she had changed her mind and would meet me at Von Ebert’s in Portland. I was at Wildwood having a dark beer and did not see the text until 6:15ish. I paid my bill, having only finished 3/4 of a small glass of a dark beer (thinking it wrong to chug it and then take Air Volvo), so I left it unfinished.

I reached Von Ebert’s in Portland’s Pearl District in light traffic and parked on the road next to the bar. I brought Mariah a Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company catalog; I had ordered an extra one for her. It is the ultimate in heirloom gardening annual book–I love flipping through it, and this year’s catalog is an inch thick!

We had some beer and smoked chicken wings, mine with a mild sauce. Mariah recommends the Korean-style sauce. The wings were better today. We chatted about work and various topics. As a new homeowner, Mariah is learning why we joke about having your paycheck directly deposited to Home Depot. Luckily, she has a cousin in Portland, a fix-it gal, who has been helping Mariah experience all the fixes. Mariah is proud that she replaced a doorknob without knowing how until she did it.

Before this, I was at Wildwood and ordered Cyber Monday stuff online from AdaFruit with another 22% and 15% discounts. The sale seems to be going well, as AdaFruit stock in certain microcontrollers is exhausted, but I was able to order some things I could use and picked up the cool stuff on Black Friday.

Aside: I love to program in microPython that AdaFruit developed for their boards. The board, Adafruit Feather M0 Express, is cheap and tiny but can control many devices. It has a built-in plug for a lithium ion polymer battery and recharging circuit.

I saw Jim V, now retired for almost 10 years, at Wildwood. He used to be one of my directors at Nike IT. I could not believe how many years have gone by now. It seems not that long ago that I first met Jim V in Laakdal, Belgium, where he worked on the shoe company’s warehouse software.

Aside: It is snowing here in Reedville on Tuesday morning. It will last for just a bit as it is warming up.

Before getting a beer, seeing friends, ordering stuff, and then rushing off, I was at the house. I had some meetings today, working from home, that frustrated me, and I stopped for a bit to recenter myself. Work was just going to meetings that were a bit disjointed (yes, I went back and deleted what I wrote). Folks obviously still had their heads in the holidays and not at work (additional unhelpful comments removed). I do not usually comment on work here, but I do comment on how things affect me.

My neighbor, apparently with some leftover fireworks and nothing better to do, started launching mortars into the sky. It was wet, so there was no risk of fire. I stopped by, chatted for a few minutes, and he moved the stuff out of the street so I could drive to Wildwood, thinking I needed a beer, and Mariah had canceled (only to un-cancel later) dinner in Portland.

As I pulled out, a motorcycle speeded down our street. I just stopped to let it do its thing. It was being followed by an SUV. Yes, Washington County Sheriff Patrol had noticed the fireworks. And as it was not a holiday and nobody else was doing fireworks. Thus they quickly tracked the illegal fireworks. I drove by as a uniformed guy with a flashlight was lighting up the box of fireworks.

Before this, I managed to see Susie today at the hummingbird house. It took me three tries to remember all the items, and last time I had to go back for my phone. I, too, was having issues getting organized today! The traffic was light; I headed out at about 11AM. The weather was damp, but the skies were showing some blue and some sunlight, and it did not seem that cold.

Susie was happy to see me, and I handed over the remains of the cinnamon rolls I had made the previous night. I also brought Susie’s Christmas Peanuts set that played music, danced, and lit up. It plays short Peanuts-styled versions of Christmas music. Jennifer, the live-in nursing aide, will find a place for it. I also gave Jennifer my turkey baster, shaped like a turkey–they did not have one at the hummingbird house.

I opened a package from Barb, Susie’s sister, hand-warming mittens you put in the microwave to heat. Susie’s hands are always cold and Barb, who visited just a week ago, wanted to help Susie stay comfortable. Thanks, Barb!

It was only a short visit, as I was working on Monday, but we connected with Leta, Susie’s mother, on FaceTime, and she and Susie chatted for a while. I sat with Susie for a while, but my time was soon over. I left with a kiss and returned without incident to the Volvo Cave with a stopover for some chicken from popeyes.

I ate the chicken while watching videos on YouTube. My fav naval history channel has a new presentation on the legendary Greek Fire, the historical records of its use, and lighting off some test batches from possible recipes. If you are interested, I would suggest the video here.

Before this, I sat through more Zoom meetings, which helped us refocus on work. I was up at 7ish and had two cinnamon rolls and a banana with liberal coffee.

Aside: snow is slowly turning to rain on Tuesday morning.

Thanks for reading.


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