Story 29Nov2022: Tuesday

I started watching the light snow this Tuesday while writing the blog at about 7:30AM. The snow was just a half-melted flake here and there. I wrote at a relaxed speed as I had the day off as it was impossible to mix new physical therapy, work, and seeing Susie on the same day. My appointment was at 10:15 in Bethany, about 30 minutes or less away.

I had cottage cheese and 1/2 a can of peaches (in their own juices) for breakfast with liberal coffee.

I had not seen these folks before, Therapeutic Associates, Bethany office for Physical Therapy. Today was my assessment and determination of goals, and to plan six more sessions, as needed. It took two hours!

They decided that I was having trouble feeling the floor, and my left lower back was stiff, causing many issues. To get better, I need to be more flexible. I suspect some folks at Nike always knew I was inflexible and too stiff, but they did not mean it literally–the irony makes me smile.

I will enjoy two sessions a week and already have exercises as homework. I am also advised to walk or ride the bike (Susie’s) for five or more minutes daily. My next session is on Thursday. I will have to work on this in a while, working and seeing Susie every day.

We scheduled all the sessions through December. I then found lunch at Bethany Public House and watched the must-win USA vs. Iran match. The USA squeaked by the Iranian team that was energized by the substitutions. I ate the chili and then had a mango cobbler once the game was over. The USA had so many saves we all panicked when there were nine minutes of added time. The USA just made it.

After that, I headed out, knowing they made an excellent chili for the next lunch after PT. I drove over to the hummingbird house to see Susie. Susie was in bed resting. I sat in her wheelchair while she stayed in bed, and we talked about Christmas gifts for folks. I told her all my plans, and she thought them good and agreed to send out some more fruit cake. Susie wanted some fruit cake, so I ordered one sent to the Volvo Cave. Next, we called Susie’s mother, Leta, and they chatted on my iPhone via FaceTime. I held the phone for Susie so they could see each other.

Susie was sad when a few hours later, I said I should go; Susie looked exhausted and was resisting sleeping. She told me she missed me and was sad to see me go. It was a hard day. I kissed her goodbye.

I returned to the house, not really remembering the drive as I was sad.

I rested a bit and put the board game Architects of the West Kingdom in Air Volvo. I removed Concordia. Evan wanted to return to Architects, and I think Zophia will like it on Wednesday. Next, I spoke to my neighbor; Chris was on his roof fixing his lights–the water was shorting them and setting off a breaker. On Sunday morning, we will discuss how I want my lights, and he will put them up for me. Excellent!

Aside: The police visited him and asked him to not use the illegal fireworks as the folks in the area were calling the police, reporting gunfire. The shells are pretty loud, and I first thought it was a gun until I heard the other sounds of fireworks.

I headed to the Lucky Labrador Bar in Portland off of Hawthorn. I was in terrible traffic for thirty minutes, and the trip took the usual 45 minutes. I parked on the streets not far from another bar and walked there. The place was busy, and folks were playing games and chatting. There are no screens to watch sporting events, but the WIFI is fast. It reminded me of pre-Covid-19 days. There is better ventilation than I remember and more light.

Aside: I stopped and got gas for Air Volvo tonight. It was $4.79 at the usual places. The price continues to fall.

I met Evan there, and we played a game of Architects of the West Kingdom. We both had to remember how to play, but it was all remembered soon. I also ordered a BLT and a beer. Evan had dinner too. We played between bites. I was hungry as I had a busy day; the bartender recommended the BLT–it was terrific.

The board game is a worker placement and resources management game. This game takes my favorite systems of simple turns and complicated strategy to the max. For example, on some turns, I would get one stick of wood. I would then place another worker in the forest and get two sticks. And, the next turn, I would get another three sticks, and I had a lot of wood. But now, what to do with that? Invest it in the cathedral? Exchange it for honor? Now collected stone or other items to build a building later? All interesting options. I like this game, and I have all the add-ons and bling, so there are many options.

Evan was behind by about two buildings when he ended the game by building the last building. I had been lucky to have plans for some medium-scoring buildings that are easier to build. This is a strong luck factor in the game, but the new add-ons have tamped down the impact of luck on the game. Still, I think I scored well due mainly to chance. Also, we did not use the new features of monuments or prestige. Next time!

I headed back after chatting with Evan for a bit. I needed to write the blog, so I was home by 9PM. I then wrote the blog. The wind picked up, and I had to go outside again and close the gate. I don’t like the sound of the door opening and closing in the wind. The power blinked, but my UPS kept everything running. The wind is loud tonight.

Thanks for reading.


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