Story 4Dec2022: Sunday

I am back home from playing Dungeons and Dragons and DM-ing an entire session for the first time in years, running an adventure I wrote. I even painted some of the figures, some custom revisions to fit the adventure. I plan to play it more than once and may publish it someday.

I could set up my iPad for one player, Mackers, who could not come as he was exposed to Covid-19 but could still play with us using the iPad now. He could join in a Zoom meeting, and the iPad camera gave him a good view. I had my Mac with the adventure in MS Word and also running Zoom, so Mackers could see me while I DM’d. It worked well (we used a box with a rubber band to hold the iPad. It worked well.

Karyn joined us, she was out for health issues, and this was her first time with people, not her family. So it was good to see her join us again.

The adventure went well, with me scaring the players a few times. I did knock two characters unconscious. Some of my other encounters did not last long, as the adventures with their hired help could put out a lot of damage. I had given them a choice to hire some non-player characters (NPC) to help them. I also missed some saving throws for the creatures, which cost me–just bad rolls. I will make a few changes to toughing up a few things, but I am pleased with it. Matt and the players liked my mix of puzzles with combat and unique creatures. This is old-school Dungeons and Dragons, and I was happy to bring back some good ideas.

We play at Cory’s house, and I have one more DM session before Matt takes over for another long-running campaign. After that, I will add a few more encounters to the tomb I have built and make it a stand-alone adventure. A two-session adventure is something I have seldom done, but I think a reduced scope fits with my current complex life. And that would be easier to publish.

When I got home tonight, I watched another Episode of Wednesday on Netflix and still love the show. I rode the exercise bike while enjoying the show.

Going backward, I spent the afternoon painting figures and building some unique ones. It was nice to return to old hobbies, and I quickly turned out some decent-looking figures for tonight. I also found my iPad and sent out a Zoom link for the game after learning that Mackers was exposed to Covid-10.

I finished a lunch of fried chicken from Popeyes after talking to my neighbor Chris. As a favor and to help me, Chris agreed to put up some lights for me. So he did that while I was out, and when I returned, the house was all lighted up. It looks great.

I also met Joan at the post-church Zoom meeting to discuss the sermon and share our thoughts. Only Joan was in the meeting when I connected twenty minutes late, but we had a friendly chat.

Before this, I was with Susie at the Humminbird house. Susie was not feeling well today after eating breakfast. She decided to skip church and take it slow. But, as she was already in her coat and bundled up, I got her to agree to go out and see the snow. It was snowing big white flakes, and I wanted her to get some time out of the hummingbird house. We were outside for fifteen minutes.


Susie was tired and uncomfortable. Anassa got Susie comfy in her bed, and I rented one of her favorite movies, Love Actually. Susie stayed awake for most of the movie, singing along a bit here and there. I stayed with Susie until the movie was over, and Susie looked like she needed a nap. We did call her mother, Leta, to chat for a while.

I called later, and Susie was still tired but had gotten up for a while. So we are all watchful and hope she will be better on Monday.

Before all of this, I was up at 7AM, having slept strangely, and gave up sleeping later. However, I did start on some figures in the morning. I had cereal for breakfast with liberal coffee made from my French Press. I watched the snow start and get heavier as the morning went on.

Well, that is all for a snowy Sunday. Thanks for reading.

Advent’s fourth-day song is from Love Actually: All I Want for Christmas is You. And here is another version of the same song, which is my fav: Carpool Version.

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