Story 5Dec2022: Another Monday

Monday was a later start at 7ish, and me trying to find my way in the morning. I was a bit confused at first as I had a ‘Walk Thru Nike’ meeting at 7:30, but that was a review of software design with our friends in India working on a complex interface. But for a moment, I thought I was supposed to be on a tour of the world headquarters campus (it is stellar), but no, this meeting was a strangely worded review meeting invitation. Nevertheless, I managed to get coffee and breakfast ready before the meeting.

I also read the Technical Design (TD) document before the meeting. It was a mad rush. Many points were raised, and, as usual, that birthed another early morning meeting on Tuesday. I did review the TD in the afternoon and supplied some off-line feedback as the folks are from India, and the scheduling is tricky.

The regular status meetings happened, and I did my stretching exercises and then spent five minutes on the stationary bike with the Nike laptop next to me, listening to the meetings. All these help unlock the muscles in my back and other places.

I had to stop attending the usual Monday morning status meetings, clean up, and dress, and instead, attend Physical Therapy in Bethany. I took Air Volvo and was just a few minutes early. Colin was my therapist today, and he went over my experiences so far and can register some improvements–I am less frozen when I walk.

He was doing some stretching which involved a belt across my legs. I said deadpan, “I usually pay extra for this,” which did get a laugh. Colin then misspoke and said the next part would be painful instead of his usual painless. I told him he was getting into the Addam Family PT theme (he is also watching the new show Wednesday on Netflix). Next, we discussed staying in Addams family theme, that Uncle Fester was getting the bone saw to help me be more flexible. Better to release the locked muscles. Colin suggested that Uncle Fester was “rusting” the saw, which was why he was delayed in my therapy.

I have new exercises and had quite a workout. I headed home as it was still morning when I finished after 10AM. I was back to work, trying to reschedule some items and working on a few crises.

Next, I put aside the Nike laptop for a few minutes, took Air Volvo to the local strip mall, and got a chicken bowl and a side of shrimp. I ate that while watching a YouTube video on one of my favorite channels, The Battleship New Jersey. They had a video of the one known hull leak they had with the museum ship. It was in a steam condenser, usually made of non-ferrous metal (this one was steel, surprisingly), and the dissimilar metals were causing corrosion. One of the issues old warship wrecks have is people cutting them open illegally and stealing the condensers. I have read about that for the wrecks from WW1 Jutland. So it was interesting to see one, even a WW2-styled one.

Next, I headed to see Susie and forgot to do the Advent Calendar when I got there. Susie was finishing her lunch when I got there. She was finished, actually pushing her wheelchair out. We then got Susie’s coat and headed outside to the park. I wanted to get Susie out of the hummingbird house, and I had no meetings left, so I could spend extra time doing the park.

The park is well cared for but still looks sleepy as it changes to winter and the rains. One of the cedars is brown, and I think it is a Bald Cyprus and suppose to lose its needles (leaves). There were a few dogs, as dogs are welcome (on a leash).

We found a place with some sun and called Susie’s mother, Leta. Leta and Susie chatted for a while, with me adding a few comments here and there. Today, as Susie was all bundled up, I held the phone for Susie. I had to put on my gloves as it was 47F (8C), but there was no wind, and the sun was out–so a good day to be outside in Oregon. Soon Susie was cold, and we rang off. I got Susie back, stopping at the car as Susie recognized Air Volvo, and then got a kiss goodbye.

Aside: Ensure is now being delivered by the pharmacy. I will not have to buy it and deliver it. Also, it is now part of the pharmacy bill, and the doctor’s order to use it makes it likely that I could write off the expense next year.

I returned to the Volvo Cave without issue. I was feeling exhausted from all the workouts and travel. I got home, checked in on the Nike laptop, and crashed for an hour. After that, I was back up, checked in, and then made dinner.

I reheated the tacos and taco meat left from a few days ago. I cut up lettuce and added olives, cheese, and sour cream to the leftover to make a killer taco salad. I watched episode 5 of Wednesday on Netflix, and this one disappointed me, but I am hoping this was just building more storyline. I still love the show. Recommended.

After that, I rested again and was out at 6PM to the Wildwood Taphouse to write the blog and maybe work on my Dungeons and Dragon Adventure. I need to adjust to let it end at the next gaming session. Next year we will be changing to Spell Jammer, so just one more session for my stuff. Cutting it to a short one or two sessions adventure is fun. Seldom have I written a short adventure–a challenge.

Thanks for reading.

Today’s Advent song is The Carol of the Bells. This version is as if this song was played in a war zone, a very dark version: Carol of the Bells. I think of the folks in Ukraine who are living this.

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