Today 6Dec2022: Tuesday

Going backward, I just started on the blog after resubmitting a more detailed invoice from Allegiance Senior Care, also called by me the hummingbird house, to see if the reimbursement of medical expenses will accept the more detailed invoice. I am getting ready for next year and want to use my reimbursement account next year, on the advice of the CPA I used last year, to cover the first part of Susie’s expenses. I am trying to write off in my taxes part of the expenses and therefore need IRS-level detailed invoices. I will work with the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center to get the same documentation.

Before this, I made dinner, chicken Cordon Blu from Schwann’s, green beans from Schwann’s, and some noodles. I wilted the beans in a pan with butter, almond slices, and garlic salt. I wilt the beans as they a frozen and need a little more kick to make them good. The noodles, which I have tried before, were a failure. Just not a good product.

I watched the last episode of Wednesday on Netflix while eating, and it did not hold back. The character Wednesday is so cold that she is sometimes hard to like, but she never breaks character–so it works–and she would not care what you thought. I was happy with the series and sorry to see the last episode. Recommended!

Before cooking, I walked in the cold dark street and back as part of my exercises. It was just too cold to go any further. I will ride the bike later tonight and do my stretching. The pain is mostly in my back, with only a little in my right leg. I was told that when the pain centralizes is a good thing.

Before this, I left Nike at about 4PM and took Air Volvo home. I had no issues, but the traffic was heavy, and I took an alternative way home to avoid the long lines to turn onto 185th. I plugged in the lights when I got home. Chris, my next-door neighbor, put up the lights for me. Large icicles of various colors that look like the colors drip down the icicles hanging below the gutters. It is pretty festive.

I was at work before this, working on two issues and helping with a few crises. I was busy, as usually happens in December, rushing until the break. We are running two tests over each other using all the same people. It is going a bit rough.

I can’t go into detail here, but I was busy writing up recommendations and decisions on software design today.

I managed to visit Susie between meetings and crises of the moment. I drove over to the hummingbird house without issue in surprisingly light traffic without problems or witnessing any extra-legal driving. Susie was just finishing her breakfast, and we headed to the social room–it was cooler and damp than yesterday, so we decided not to visit the park today. Leta, Susan’s mother, was in a minor crisis as she lost one of her hearing aid and could not chat for long. Leta did recover it later after retracing her day. As we could not speak with Leta for long, we called Susan’s sister, Barb, and we chatted with her for a while. Susie was delighted to talk to her sister. We talked for a while until Barb, still at work, needed to ring off.

I failed to take a picture today or catch up on the Advent Calendar. I will try to remember on Wednesday. I stopped by Carl’s Jr and had a Western burger, a guilty pleasure.

My day, moving further back, started at 6:15, with me rushing my morning. I had the usual dream that I was back in college and trying to find the classes in a dream-logic mix of Nike WHQ and a poorly remembered Central Michigan University campus. I was wound up this morning. I managed coffee, liberal and French Press, and cereal for breakfast. I was at work before 8 to make all my meetings in the office.

Thank you for reading.

For Advent, day six, I picked the number one disliked Christmas song for a likely inaccurate poll: Santa Baby. I like it.

I remember hearing a comedian saying one year that they felt like they were wing stalked by the song Sleigh Ride. “Every time I stop, I hear it,” was the joke. When I hear it, I smile now, thinking about being stalked by it.




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