Story 10Dec2022: Coughing and Wheezing

I did not even get dressed on Saturday as I was coughing and wheezing all day. The moderate to bad air last week increased my breathing issues, and on Friday, it was harder to breathe during my Physical Therapy appointment. A light fever, aches and pains, and wheezing told me I had to stop and stay home.

The morning started with me coughing, my chest burning, and endless nose blowing. My day was full of the screams of banshees in my lungs; I could hear them even when standing. I took some cold/flu pills for folks with high blood pressure. I called the hummingbird house and told them to let Susie sleep in; I would not be coming today. The cold meds, as often happen to me, made me so tired that I slept until 10:40. Unforently, I had a work call at 10:30, so I was late for that one.

I had written the Friday blog, not feeling well, on Friday. Thus, I was free to rest on Saturday. However, I did some writing on my Dungeons and Dragons adventure, shortening it and the storyline to end on the next play. I left the giant scorpion model alone; I had done some work on Friday after I wrote the blog. I added some putty to some areas and attacked the reused segment as the stinger tail. It is starting to come together.

I spent the rest of the day binge-watching The Umbrella Academy reaching season two. I liked season one and found season two slightly struggling to find its storyline. However, I still would recommend it.

I ordered Chinese food from Happy Panda using GrubHub for lunch. The driver texted me that she had deliveries for multiple food orders, and I was number two on her list. She then called me when she was lost. She supplied peppermint paddies chocolates for being a few minutes late after she found our house a few minutes later.

I ate the wonton soup and appetizers in the afternoon and then reheated the roast pork fried rice for dinner. I tried to sleep a few times, but the banshees and all the hot tea, I made a pot of Irish morning tea, made that impossible. So I watched more of the Academy and tried to rest calmly in a chair with an electric blanket.

I had done laundry on Friday, so I was resting on newly cleaned sheets. I did do the dishes. Unfortunately, I have ants all over the kitchen and need to contact ant people to come back and commit insecticide.

I did watch the squirrels in the backyard jump into the old apple tree, pick apples, and then run them up into trees. The squirrels, not being experts in physics, discovered that their jumps are much shorter with an apple in their mouth, but persistence won out. After many more jumps (three to get to the top of my fence using various tree limbs as halfway points), supper was carried away. The more giant apples are lying on the ground and are eaten where they lie until reduced in size to allow safe transversal to higher locals.

The rains allowed for the poaching of apples as the cat patrol (I see three or four cats a day scouting my backyard) and the birds eating the apples do not come in the rains. The squirrels, ignoring the rain, can have all the apple goodness to themselves in the heavy wet that was the “river of rain” we enjoyed a few days ago.

Today, Sunday, when I write this, will be a dull day, and likely, if this cough continues, I will be telling you the lives of slugs and other things in the backyard. Maybe I will cover the cats’ movements or design a LIDAR system to start tracking all the animals and fruit in the backyard. Lets hope I get better soon before I try to create an squirrel based cryto currency.

Thank you for reading.

Here is the unlisted link to see our lights that were requested:

The Hound & The Fox does my favorite new version of We Three Kings, and I would recommend their other Christmas songs.


1 thought on “Story 10Dec2022: Coughing and Wheezing”

  1. Sorry you are fighting some unpleasant bug of some sort. Also, thank you for the light show. Very cool, I had not seen those kind with the many different colors. Nice….


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