Story 11Dec2022: More Coughing

I spent the whole day at home having pizza delivered for dinner and a gyro for lunch. I have tried to rest and get better, but you cannot will the breathing issues and the wheezing/banshees in my chest to improve. I put in for a sick day for Monday, suspecting that Monday would be worse. The usual pattern is that I am OK for a day, and then it worsens. I seem headed there.

The banshees screaming in my lungs keep me awake, so I took more cold/flu meds and hope that will help. I am up at midnight (Monday morning) writing this.

I slept into 7ish and then got going slow. I called Anassa at the hummingbird house to let Susie sleep in as I would not be there at 10AM to take her to church. I wrote the blog for Saturday. I did the hour of status calls and then rested some more.

I spent the day binge-watching the Umbrella Academy, which I still like, with the third season now starting for me. I would still recommend it, just get through the first two terrible episodes in season one.

I was shocked and surprised to learn that the Hackers’ Quarterly 2600 will publish my SciFi story, “Turing’s Battle,” that the Navy Institure turned down! Yes, another published piece for me. I am excited to be part of 2600, something I have been reading for years, and meaning to write something for them. It does not come with pay or anything helpful like that. I am excited to be published.

I also got bored and worked on my giant scorpion model. I filled in the gaps created by me cutting off the tail and flipping it (it was a plastic model of a full-sized Maine lobster) by planking it with small wood strips like a ship model. Next, I covered them with putty after the CA glue dried. I also cleaned up cuts with the Dremel. I also filled holes and other gaps with more putty. I cut off the face and filled that, too, with putty. I took part of the tail I removed to make a more angled tail, pegged it to the now-threatening tail, and added a barb with wood soaked in CA to make it strong. I will sculpt it into a stinger when everything dries using modeling clay. It was not much work, and I was bored, so I did some more accessible work.

I had another attack of boredom and got my Express (Python-based) devices working and connected to my Apple. I was able to read the code and update it using the Mu editor. Not sure what I am going to do with those, but I plan to return to my hardware hacking during the Christmas break (post my medical tests). I did not do any real work; I just got the connections to work.

Well, the meds are making me sleepy, and the coughing and wheezing have stopped as the congestion stops. So I will try to get some sleep now.

The Hound & The Fox does a lovely What Child Is This/ Child of the Poor combined song that I like. This is Advent Day 11 song.

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