Story 12Dec2022: Still Coughing

I took the day off from everything. I am still coughing and taking cold/flu over-the-counter (OTC) products to help. I still have breathing issues, and the banshees (wheezing) in my chest are making sleep nearly impossible.

I did feel better in the morning as I got some sleep last night after 1ish.

I started the day at 7ish with coffee, raisin toast from Karen at church, and liberal coffee made in my French Press. I read emails and tried to go slow.

I binged the rest of the Umbrella Academy and called and spoke to Susie at the hummingbird house. She misses me and wants to see me, “I need you.” I am still coughing and a little worse this evening than I expected. I get better and then get worse as I lose sleep. If I am better on Tuesday, I will see her.

Susan’s Aunt Joyce sent me Zebar bagels from New York City, and thus I had a real bagel for my second breakfast, toasted, with cream cheese. I had to slice it–yes, old school. Thanks, Joyce!

I had to head out as I was out of cold/flu meds. When I got to the Wallgreens nearby, the shelf was near empty of OTC cold items! Yes, there is a lot of this out there. I found there were four boxes left of the high blood pressure cold/flu OTC and purchased two of the boxes. I am trying extra strength, and that seems to help.

I got messages from work about a performance issue I was already working on. It is crushing one of our tests. I tried to help a bit with some suggestions that cannot be implemented for the next run–but it is a possible answer. 

Not a very interesting day, and I tried to get more rest, but the noise in my lungs or the coughing kept waking me. I have been here before, and only resting will stop it.

Sorry this is a short blog, but thank you for reading.

Advent day twelve seemed like a good time to go classical: Gloria.

Now, if you need a pick-up from the shopping and political noise: You Can’t Stop the Beat. One of the best things to come from Convid-19 was the videos; this is a fav.



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