Today 14Dec2022: Back to work

Today I tried to work from home, and for a while, the coughing and wheezing gave me a break, but at 3PM, it was screaming banshees in my chest, and no means to stop the noise. But I then took my inhaler and some cold/flu meds and was better. So this is primarily a game of managing symptoms until the nose running and wheezing halts.

I started at 6:15 and sent an email that I would work from home as I was still coughing, and nobody wants at work for me to gift this cold to them–definitely a white elephant. I attended the usual ninety minutes of status meetings. I tried not to ask questions in the Zoom meetings as I have been out for the last four days and am still trying to get back into things. No reason to waste everyone’s time on an obvious question.

I was tasked to review some items, read more technical specifications, provide feedback, and re-reviewed the documents when updated. I did this while the meetings were ongoing or between meetings.

I did my stretching exercises today, now that I was back to work, and while I did cough a few times, it did not set off exhaustion or a coughing jag. Better.

I was running on limited sleep, as I had trouble sleeping last night, and I could quickly nod off for boring stuff. So I spent the boring time reading tech specs and reading some news articles. I kept going the whole morning. Breakfast was an NYC bagel with cream cheese (thanks, Joyce, for sending the Zabar bagels) and some fruit from a can. Coffee, as always, is Equal Exchange brand liberal coffee (fair trade certified) to remind me in each cup that the world still needs work–liberal work. I have been drinking this on most days since President Trump was elected.

I slipped a shower in between meetings and then attended an architect and engineering meeting on how to fix a performance problem. As a result, we have approved a POC on a possible improvement.

Once that was done, I headed to the hummingbird house and arrived without issue. I am still coughing and wearing a mask. I keep my distance and minimize the things I touch. No reason to donate this terrible cough to others.

Susie was in bed on her side, resting. She was having tummy issues and was sleepy. So I made it a short visit (I was getting messages on those tech specs while there–no rest of the wicked). We called Susie’s mother, whom we connected with before she had to head to church. She is helping with the church holiday camp. Susie nodded off a few times, and soon I said my goodbyes.

Susie was not the only person with some issues. I was sleepy, too, and the coughing jags were back. I stopped by Carl Jr. and acquired their western burger (a guilty pleasure) for lunch, which was well made. Excellent.

I did some more items at work and then rested and had a terrible coughing attack, and my breathing issues worsened. So I took a nap, somehow sleeping in this mess for an hour. That helped, as did the inhaler, cold/flu meds, and constantly blowing my nose.

At one point, the messages, texts, and emails from work and friends were coming so fast that my iPhone sounded like R2-D2.

I was cold too. I had reprogrammed the heat to be low on days I work at the office. So I turned the heat back up to normal!

Work finished, and I reviewed the emails, texts, and Slack channels. After that, I made buckwheat pancakes (like we used to have thirty-plus years ago at the Sidewalk Sales Day in Laingsburg). I still remember all the biz men working under Mr. Hurst’s direction singing, “Hot Cakes!” I also got some cooked and frozen bacon and heated it to go with it. Maple Syrup, lightly poured on top, finishes the meal for me. It was sausages back then, but I have bacon.

The coughing continues, my nose is producing an outflow that one wonders how there can be that much stuff up there, and my chest and stomach muscle hurt now when I cough.

This takes me to the other event for today; the Colonoscopy police called me. These folks ensure you are ready for the dreaded deed on 22Dec2022 at 6:35AM–I am the first one. I got my updated directions today, arranged a taxi ride to Portland, and then an additional check on Friday is needed. I will have to slip out to Portland at noon on Friday for a breathing check. I was frustrated that we would be repeating this again and again at the last minute. So I start the fun, assuming I pass the test on Friday, on Wednesday. I will arrange a return trip at 8:15AM to the Volvo Cave. It is forbidden in Oregon to drive on a day when you are knocked out by an anesthetic. So taxis for me.

I received a new set of special gaming poker chips I bought myself for Christmas. These are used in various games, and I needed some good ones. Iron Clays 200 set was delivered, and my 100 set, which I already own, and, when combined, covers any needs.

Another Kickstarter was delivered today. My friend Violet Blue has published her book and delivered it today. I received the ePub file today and other eContent for her. I have sent it to my Kindle to read soon. The book is not her usual erotica (yes, that word) or technology book (yes, she goes both ways), but about her life growing up in San Fransico drug culture and then being homeless. It is authentic, and that is what I like about Violet. I will provide a link to her autobiographical work on Amazon when ready.

Update: The ebook is here for pre-order on Amazon. Please consider it. A printed version will appear soon.

Well, I am tired. It hurts to cough. It is not worse, just not slowing much.

For day 14 of Advent, I picked Happy Christmas (The War is Over).

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

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