Story 15Dec2022

Good and bad news today. I am much better and was getting less good in the evening. I was hoping for this illness to pass from me today, but it is lingering. This is really disappointing to me–it is hard to deal with everything, the holidays, and now a lingering illness. I was hoping for a break. Instead, I trudge on.

The morning started with me being very tired when I woke at 6:15, sent out an email that I would work from home today, and then slept until 7:45AM. I managed to get going and make a toasted NYC bagel with cream cheese (thanks, Joyce) and some hard-boiled eggs I made yesterday. I made coffee using the French Press, liberal coffee as usual. The status meetings started for ninety minutes. I was tired and dizzy, but the wheezing and coughing had stopped. Yay!

I discovered last night that my inhaler was empty. Yup, using an empty one, and the results were as expected. Once I could breathe better, I fell deeply asleep at 1ish in the morning.

I followed along online at work and then showered and got dressed.

I canceled my lunch meeting on campus as walking across Nike WHQ, while a beautiful walk, might be overdoing it. Thus, I withdrew from a lovely lunch at Serena William’s building and cafe.

I had a Physical Therapy appointment in Bethany and reached that without issue in Air Volvo. I managed to park, call into a meeting, and then complete that meeting on my iPhone. I then drove the rest of the way. PT was just a chat as I did not feel up to doing anything, and I did not want the PT person near me–they can’t afford to get this cold. We agreed on some more exercises.

I stopped at a place for lunch, and my colon decided it wanted attention. I needed the men’s room, but the lack of toilet paper did not make me happy with my choice. I will not mention the name here. The food was OK, but overpriced for what it was. When I miss sleep, other things begin to act up.

Next, I headed to the hummingbird house to see Susie. When I arrived, Susie was asleep in her recliner in the shared living room. I woke her, and she was delighted to see me. We then called Leta, her mother, who was in the middle of making cookies for the holidays. Leta showed us her green fingers on FaceTime, and there was a hint of green on her teeth and tongue–she had sampled the Christmas wreath cookies (made with cereal, green dye, and something to glue them together–maybe melted marshmallow). Susie was happy to chat and talk cookies. Next, we talked to Barb, Susie’s sister, for a while. Barb was at a Holiday Party at work. Susie was happy to speak with her sister for a bit. Susie was sad when I had to leave so soon; back to work.

I returned home and followed along for a bit at work. I went to rest as I was getting exhausted now. No rest; the banshees were back–ugh! The new inhaler (full) helped, but not for long. I did put all the trash and recycling. I am trying to just do the needful today.

I put on the cable and watched more episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix. Not sure I like it.

I am also reading Violet Blue’s new book. I like it and her poetic style of telling a story. I wish I could write that well. The ebook is here for pre-order on Amazon.

So I took more cold/flu meds and tried to rest, write this blog, and resist coughing.

The Christmas party at Hummingbird House is at noon on Sunday–we will be there after church. It is open to visitors.

Advent day 15 song: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

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