Today 16Dec2022: Friday

My cough is slowly improving and fading. I agreed with Richard to skip board games tonight in Portland to give me more rest and recovery. I took some advice and slept mostly sitting up, significantly improving my sleep and reducing my wheezing.

The day started with me working from home on Fridays, and at about 7:30AM, I had already made coffee and an NYC bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. After that, I enjoyed two hours of status meetings and planning meetings for the shoe company. I then replied by email and slack channel on various issues and got all my timesheets in for the rest of the year–I can easily estimate the two days left working in 2022.

I got the laundry washed but not put away yet. I did the dishes (to get them away from the pests-ants).

I was following along and trying to help where I could. The data conversions are ramping down, finally, for the holidays. So for us, the weekend has no more meetings. Excellent!

Next, I drove to Portland and to the colonoscopy clinic. Like last time, I had to talk to the folks as I was an exception being heavier than their usual easy patients. They are concerned that they could not incubate me if needed. I have been through this before. So I drove to Legacy and was weighed and measured. Apparently, my height which is 5’6″, was on the chart as 5’5″, which meant I was too heavy. Now with my correct heights, I was fine (put an eye-roll here). Also, as I had survived previously without issues at the same clinic, there was no reason for concern. As I expected, a waste of my time.

Instead of being annoyed, I parked next to Swagat’s India Food and set Parking Kitty (the excellent parking app we use in Portland) for two hours of parking (the app ‘meows’ at you when you need to pay more or move your car). I figured some spicy food was what my cold needed. So I enjoyed a fine mixed plate of items.

I then drove from Portland to Tigard to see Susie at the hummingbird house. Susie was asleep in her recliner when I got there. I woke her, and we called her mother to chat more about cookies. It is a big production for Leta, and Susie’s bounty is on-it-way in the USPS system.

I left after a short visit, with no contact still, and headed home. I followed along at work, and then after 4PM, I started to read Violet Blue’s new book. This is her story of becoming homeless in San Fransico and what happened to her. These were the times of the AIDS disaster and the demonization of gay people and homeless kids–I was in college during these years and remember it mainly through the lens of trying to find my way in Computer Science and Mathematics. It is hard to put down!

The ebook is here for pre-order on Amazon.

I decided to rest more and ordered dinner and a snack delivered. I ordered Pho and ate hot broth with meat and noodles. I could not finish it! I also had donuts delivered. The ants found them last night–ugh! But I did get two before the donuts were lost to the pests. I will call ant man to come for them when I am not running so hard.

I did set up my new game for solo play, Ostia. I was going to play, but I started to get tired–the side effect of the cold/flu meds. It looks lovely!

I went to bed early and just read Violet’s book. It plays in my mind like a movie, and I wish I could jump in and just give them ten bucks to have some decent food and a nice space blanket. The truth of poverty is hard to see playing on your mind!

I had a few coughing jags, but the inhaler and some hot ginger tea slowed that, and soon I fell asleep and did not wake until 6ish. The most sleep I have had in a night in about a week

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

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