Today 20Jan2023: Friday

Going backward, it is the early evening on Friday, and I have been sleeping since 4ish. I am tired today. I tried to read and just fell asleep a few times. I finally got going at 7ish. I finished the chicken Ceasar salad I brought for lunch from Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza. I bought an uncooked NYC-style pizza for lunch, baked it, and ate it during another meeting on a crisis of the moment. I followed along, but that was my last Friday event at the shoe company.

When I had a moment, I finished the Spelljammer ship by tying down the last of the rigging–it took only a few minutes but must be done with care and perfection. Last night I made a fife rail (I had to look up the name as I have not worked on sailing ship models in a while) with the premade belaying pins that I purchased some time ago. I attached that to the deck on one side of the mast. Next, I used the fife rail’s belaying pins to tie down the running rigging. Finally, I glued the SciFi ring under the skiff’s deck and glued one more piece of thin mahogany to hide the hole for the mast. The sewing of the mast last night was stressful as I had to manage it without breaking anything. The usual problem with these rigged models is not breaking the previous work while finishing something difficult. The model could use more rigging to be more functional looking, but for a model for tabletop gaming, it will more than do.

The see-thru mast and sail, I think, correctly mix the old-school rigging and wood with the idea of Swords and Sorcery in space that is the Spelljamming. Years ago, I bought a partially finished and mostly wrecked wood kit on eBay–it has been languishing in the garage. I kitbashed it for some of the wood–all that nice mahogany strips. Over the last few months, I got new tools, wood stains, and some extra parts from OcCre, a newish supplier of wood model kits in Spain. I have been collecting little bits here and there for the ballon model I built last year that helped with this model. I also have a source of very nice stuff in the Czech Republic: HIS. They made the laser-cut decking. I was inspired by Alex’s model’s channel on YouTube: Here. His Albatross build videos have me back into wood!

Before this, I visited Susie but could only stay a short time; I had a 1PM meeting and needed to find some food still. So I drove across Beaverton in Friday traffic which, while not heavy, did include some very imaginative lane changes by my fellow drivers. I am not sure why, but folks have to change lanes when the traffic is slow and slams their brakes. I got there at about 11:30 and left with a kiss at just past noon, yes, a brief visit.

We called Susie’s mother, Leta, and reached her home. Susie, Leta, and I chatted for about twenty minutes. Leta has a hole in her roof where animals have come in, and she needs that to be repaired. A red squirrel seems to have moved into the spacious area, for a squirrel, in the ceiling of Leta’s house. Barb, Susie’s sister, and Gordon (her husband) will be having a look at the squirrel invasion issue this weekend.

Smith’s (plus Jason’s) flowers continue to bloom.

I left, and after facing the paint-risking lane-changing crazy Beaverton traffic, I stopped by Papa Murphy’s and had enough time to bake the pizza before the 1PM meeting via Zoom at the Volvo Cave.

Somewhere in the morning, I found twenty minutes for stretching and exercises. The back pain is less, and my legs were more stable today. My knee hurts less, so I will stay away from the knee stretches for another day.

Before this, I was online starting late at 7:30ish; I made liberal coffee and had a banana for breakfast during the weekly staff meeting. I then spent another hour or so in Zoom meetings on status, the usual fair for meeting on Friday. I applied vendor patches while listening to the meetings (OSS notes for those who speak SAP). I then requested testing of the performance fixes to the process we assign products to a store in the accounting systems (SAP HANA with Fashion for those, again, who speak SAP software jargon).

I have been attending meetings, doing Jira updates (Jira is an excellent software package to track building software by using Agile), applying vendor patches, and doing some engineering while the Master Data Governance Engineering team, one team I work with, is understaffed. It is a privilege to fill in on all of these things. Like a tour of the software Agile development process at the shoe company on SAP systems. So fun.

Starting the day, I woke tired and stayed that way. I struggled to push through Friday. There were a few extra days in the last two weeks, I believe. It is good that it is finally Friday!

I did think of dad a lot these couple of weeks. I remember he found January-March to be a challenging few months to get through. He had a bell on the door for the old Wild’s Furniture and Appliance. I think to wake him up on some days–it was none too busy in the freezing winter in Laingsburg, Michigan. I remember when dad, Bob Wild, would call me after school and tell me about the movies on channel 8, The Four-A-Clock Movie. Yes, a busy day at the store when dad is calling with movie suggestions! While I am busy, I notice that everyone is trying to find their way after the holidays. I missed sharing stories with dad these couple of weeks.

2013, my last photo of Bob Wild.

(I deleted a section here about the economy and my thoughts on layoffs. While this is on my mind, it can’t be here in a public space. I have strong feelings about this, and I am concerned for the USA economy and layoffs, but I can’t publish those–those words do exist in a revision should I think I should return them–this would be something I would talk to dad about)

This blog is about my experiences living day-by-day and should not draw conclusions.

On the more pleasant news at work, our greater department is moving back to Nike WHQ, and there are rumors that even we in the project may move to WHQ. That would be nice.

Thus, I am resting. Trying to ignore the layoffs and economic chaos and doing good work. Thanks for reading.

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116


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