Today 21Jan2023: Saturday

The day started with me having an easy start. I had written the blog for Friday on Friday, so there was no rush or getting up early to get writing (unlike now on Sunday morning, when I am writing this). The weather was gray with light rain that slowly got heavier in form and turned to snow/sleet. It was 36F (2.22C), and frozen rain quickly melted. There was no wind Saturday, and the warmer air at the bottom of the valley had stayed; thus, the colder higher air dropped the frozen stuff on us but then the snow/sleet melted in the warmer layer of air.

I had forgotten to run the dishwasher, and I also ran a load of laundry. I made coffee in the coffee machine but failed to turn it off, and it heated the coffee for most of the evening, oops. I decided I wanted something to go with the banana and made corn muffins from Krusteaz Honey Cornbread mix. They were good, and I had three!

I headed to Susie’s before 11 with five muffins to share. The travel in the sleet was easy, and the traffic was apparently scared away by the weather. I arrived after 11, and Evan was also there. Susie had two visitors! Susie was happy to have some of my cornbread muffins.

With the cold and the snow/sleet, Susie was not interested in going outside or heading to the mall. So Evan and I got chairs, Susie got her rocking chair, and we watched the hour-or-so-long Sleeping Beauty on Disney+. This is the 1959 version that is rather scary for kids (I remember being scared) with the 3D layering of images you don’t see in computer-generated animation (invented by Disney). It is hard to imagine that the pictures were hand drawn, painted, photographed, and placed in cells for a film. While very old-fashioned, the music fits in well–much of the animation looks fresh and impossibly perfect (you see some haziness in Snow White that is not found in this and later animated films). Susie was singing along and knew every word.

I had an overwhelming sadness that had tears in my eyes for the movie and the music. I was depressed by the gray weather and the difficulties of the past months. I am concerned with layoffs and what shenanigans in Washington will do to my retirement holdings. It is hard to always stay on the bright side, especially when you have no control. Nevertheless, I am trying to return to my zen-like positivity (yes, the writer in me was happy to get to write that sentence).

Next, I found an Elton John concert, his goodbye tour, that Disney+ has available, and we watched that for about forty-five minutes. Susie was singing along with that too. I left with a kiss as it was approaching 2PM. Susie needed lunch, and I was starting to get tired.

Next, I headed to Portland. The snow and sleet had stopped, and traffic was light in Portland. I used Highway 5 instead of 26, got off on the wrong exit, and drove through Portland to reach the Pearl District. The city is still showing signs of the wear of the last three years–I was hopeful that we would start to see the repairs and clean-up, but the city is now looking like a graffiti-ed ruin. Very sad for me.

We met at Von Eberts, and I ordered a nice beer, Ode to Joy, and wings. While the wings were OK, they were not smoked like before (slightly burned) and appeared to just be baked (the feathers still on the wings gave it away–ugh). While the baked and Korean BBQ flavor is better than you get at other places, the wings were not the best I have had. I had a second beer, one of their best IPAs, and while good, it reminded me why I never order IPAs; it had intense flavors.

Evan wanted to try Belmon Station near Laurelhurst, nowhere near the Pearl District. So air Volvo crossed Portland and the river to find the Laurelhurst gates, traveled through the up-scale neighborhood, and back through the gates on the other side. It is a nice drive, and the traffic, the most Air Volvo faced today, while it was not light, was not an issue. Unfortunately, as often happens in Oregon, one car braked in the middle of the intersection, forcing me to drive into a red light as I was already in the intersection when the driver in the other car slowed down. I hope that one does not have a camera for Portland to send me a bill for that.

Belmont Station has hundreds of beers and terrible service and facilities. Small tables with hard chairs that all but say, “drink and leave.” A food truck provides food that serves “Smashed Burgers” for $10. We found a picnic table, about 1/2 sized, in the back room.

Evan and I played the board game Vindication, two games, with us splitting the wins. The game is mostly about resource management and exploring (randomly drawing tiles to represent the island’s locations from a cloth bag with the words “Scumbag” on it). In the first game, Evan drew everything he needed and most of the exciting stuff and beat me when the end-of-game tripped when we were both “vindicated.” In the second game, quickly resetting while the sun sank, the game randomly gave me some advantage, but I also returned to the land grab that has served me well (I also had a companion that gave me a bonus for taking land). Evan drew the cursed power to steal masteries and took my only one. Since he had that cursed power to steal masteries (we played with all the dark curse cards), I skipped getting any more. I instead visited the sights and got a card from each. As before, we tripped the end-of-game early, and I was far ahead in points (like Evan was in the previous game), and the final score had me winning. We are playing two-person, and sometimes you see this back and forth with two players who know the game well.

We moved to a table that had better light. We switched to the board game Brass: Lancashire. We managed to play the first epoch, and the scores were one point different. I was cold and tired and in a dark place. I was done, Evan stayed to finish some beers, and I drove home.

Air Volvo arrived without issue, once again crossing Laurelhurst and passing in and out of the gates. I picked up a chocolate shake and fries at McDonald’s. This is my best pick-me-up, and I ate that while watching Nerd of the Rings newest Tolkien story on YouTube. I went to bed early as I was sad, cold, and tired. I felt better and was reading about early nautical steam engine design for paddlewheel ships described in an excellent book on the Beaver, including drawing with most of the details needed to build a model. Just a daydream to build it from scratch.

With early steam engineering and paddlewheel proper design ratios running through my mind (Beaver’s paddlewheels surprisingly being slightly out of specs–too low), I was soon back in bed, still early for a Saturday, and asleep before midnight.

I am feeling better on Sunday. Thanks for reading.

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116



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