Today 23Jan2023: Manic Monday

Going backward, I just finished the dishes and realized I had forgotten the laundry. I will have to rewash my dress shirt as it is a wrinkled mess. The permanent press works if you can get the garment out of the dryer while it is still warm. A rewash will do that.

I had a few servings of dinner. I broiled bourbon chicken that had marinated for five hours, my oven was hotter than I expected, and the chicken had some blackened bits. Still good and certainly cooked. I stirred up cheezy grits (Alton Brown’s recipe on the Food Network website) on the stovetop at the same time. All this was practice for the church; I am cooking for Mardi Gras in February. So earlier at noonish, I put together the marinade and two pounds of split uncooked chicken breasts in a bag (the first bag leaked!)–the chicken needs to marinate for four to six hours- not longer. You dump the marinade and broil the chicken. Then, I slice it up and throw it in a pan to rest. Two reasons, the chicken disappears slower when cut up, and you can check that it is cooked.

Dinner was great tonight. The house does smell like burned bourbon, but it was fun, and I managed not to burn myself or undercook anything. Excellent!

I sat and watched Nova’s series on the geology of North America from 2015 while I ate–it is excellent. Science! I watched the first two episodes (there are three). I watched it when it was new and forgot about it. Recommended.

Going further back, I had a crisis of the moment that I was dealing with for most of the day. I managed, I hope, to settle it at 5:15. I was home from Physical Therapy (PT) in Bethany, and that did not finish until after 4:30. My PT folks decided to have every other week meetings and move to strength building now that they think the back issues are resolving. My right leg is weak, and this has unbalanced me. I also paid the bill, after insurance, of just under $300. We are in a new year, and I have not met my out-of-pocket maximum–I am, as you can see, working on finding that maximum again. I requested a paper invoice for next year’s taxes (I have to have paper for the taxman). I plan to write all this off (minus 10% of my income per IRS rules). The PT folks were happy to see I know my stretches and excises (which we did again there), and two stretches/exercises were added (strength building). I was there at 3:45 for my appointment.

Before this, I was at the house for a short time. My package came, finally. I had time to work on a few items at work before heading to PT. Soon I was on my way to PT, and the Air Volvo flight involved multiple chances for defensive flying. A car tried to change lanes into Air Volvo, and another pulled out without looking. I managed to go slow enough in the parking lot to avoid an unplanned connection. Traffic was slow, with me running about 5 miles under the speed limit in the left lane.

Before this, I visited Susie, having given up waiting for a delivery (mentioned above) from the Czech Republic, more ship model parts from HIS Models. FedEx missed their delivery time, and I needed to see Susie in the early afternoon to make my PT appointment. Air Volvo got me there without issue. The weather is clear today, with some blue appearing in the skies and the sun appearing here and there. It is still cold for us in the low 40Fs (4.4C).

Later, the mail contained two ship model kits from China. I was going to use the two harvest parts for the spelljamers, but upon receiving the kits, these were too small for my use. However, I may build them for fun as they are 1:50 scale which fits Dungeons and Dragons. They don’t come with blocks for the rigging which disappointed me (I do have some spare), but they look like fun kits. More to follow.

Arriving safe, Susie was watching M.A.S.H. on the large TV resting in her recliner in the living room, a shared space. Jenifer, the live-in nurse aide, was cleaning, and everything looked normal. Jennifer reported that Susie had been well and eaten well. No coughing or choking. Susie was delighted to see me. We called Leta, Susie’s mother, with Susie still in the recliner and M.A.S.H. as loud and distracting. We did manage to chat with Leta and had a pleasant chat. Soon, to Susie’s disappointment, I had to leave as it was a work day. Susie promised me she would be fine and kissed me goodbye.

Previously, I stopped by Safeway. On Sunday, they had no bananas, eggs, or cut flowers. So I got some bananas and flowers for Susie; Safeway apparently restocked this Monday. Susie loved the brocade.

Before this, I worked from home (WFO) and waited for my package from HIS Model. It contains some hard-to-find ship parts, including an all-brass ship wheel that you assemble (it is not cast but machined). I also ordered additional expensive, laser-etched decking 1:100 scale. They also sell a grating I may find a use for. I am working on my second spelljammer. I have glued on some decking and am painting the SciFi-style ring.

I reheated the pizza from a few nights ago for lunch. Still working on crises of the moment and listening to status reports.

I started the day, as it was a WFO day, by sleeping until 7:15 and then dressing later. I managed my stretches and exercises between meetings. I had yogurt and a cornbread muffin for breakfast. I slept well.

Thanks for reading.

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

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