Today 24Jan2023

The morning started at 6:00, with the alarm waking me. I had woken every hour since 2ish, but I did manage to be deeply asleep when the alarm startled me out of bed. Not very nice.

I found the kitchen–it was where I had left it. I started the coffee and then identified the new printout of my exercises and stretches from PT in Bethany, limiting myself to those specified daily. I did not want to cause any pain or stiffness. So I completed those, made coffee, and had the last muffin with a banana. The coffee, liberal, is the Equal Exchange brand.

The next moments were spent reading emails (work and personal), reading Slack messages, and catching up with the news. More murders. So many mass shootings I can’t keep up. I have Susie’s guns, and none are loaded. Actually, I don’t know how to load the flintlock. The ammo for the 1898 design rifle is nowhere near the gun. So while I am moderate towards control, I ensure I am not part of the problem.

I boarded Air Volvo after dressing. I then headed to Humminbird house, and then, realizing what I had done, I turned on 185, now headed to work at the office building called Clubhouse. I had instinctively headed to see Susie.

I arrived at work in time for the status meetings at 8:00, despite the detour, and did ninety minutes of meetings. I was also still working on some leftover crises of the moment from yesterday. I managed to head out at 11ish to see Susie. I was time boxed at 1PM. I also had some chores, which made everything very busy. I reached Susie’s place, the hummingbird house, in Tigard without incident.

I forgot to take a picture today. Susie was cute in her penguin sweater and sitting in her recliner in the shared living room. Jennifer, the live-in nursing aide, said Susie had eaten her breakfast but had refused dinner last night. Jenniffer wants Susie to eat dinner as Susie needs the food. Susie promised to eat dinner tonight.

We called Susie’s mother, Leta, on my iPhone using FaceTime. Leta and Susie chatted for a while, but Susie started to fall asleep. This is a new thing, and I try to accept that Susie has trouble staying focused and awake for more than a short time. She remains awake. However, she stays awake if she is engaged, like singing the songs in Sleeping Beauty from Disney.

I stayed for thirty minutes, the most I could while working, and headed out. I had some chores to do that got done, and I found a Western Burger at Carl Jrs. for lunch, a guilty pleasure.

I was back to work and had hours of meetings and more crisis management. I also discussed options for a new issue at the shoe company (sorry, no details can be in the blog) and then had a 5ish call for another set of issues and solution discussions.

We had an all-project meeting, and two HR folks talked about their experiences at Nike and gave career advice. Their focus was that you are responsible for your career at Nike and that it is essential to expand your friends and supporters at the shoe company, expect change, and get feedback from your allies. Folks ask me how to be successful, I am still going after 26 years, and I tell, primarily young folks (they ask), to find allies, strong allies. That is the secret–you need to cheer for folks, and they will cheer for you.

Air Volvo left at 6PM, and I arrived at the Volvo Cave after 6:20, with me experiencing light traffic without the usual creative and extra-legal driving often seen on our streets in the greater Beaverton-Area. At home, I decided to heat up the jambalaya (no seafood) I made a few nights ago. I watched the Dungeons and Dragon based animation series VoX Machina on Prime. I like it more on the second viewing. The food was good a second time.

I then headed to Wildwood to write the blog and enjoy brewed products. A friend from Nike was at Wildwood and was happy to see me. We worked at Nike together for years until he retired. He has had some recent health issues, and we were thrilled to see each other. Still going!

I paid $3 for a bowl of cheese crackers and started writing the blog.

Thank you for reading!

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

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