Briefing 12Feb2023: Was that Superbowl 2023?

This is just a brief 700+ words on the highlights of Sunday. It is what I can manage.

Sunday was a crazy day, with the morning and afternoon full of shoe company items. I was working all morning and the evening and just missed doing the blog.

So focusing on what matters, Susie was happy to see me around noon on Sunday. We had skipped church, I was working through the morning, and had found a break and headed out. Sunday traffic was light as everyone seemed to be at a Superbowl party this year or preparing for one. It was warmish, 50F (10C), sunny, with a very light breeze, and dry (for Oregon). Anassa helped me dress Susie for going out, Susie had already had lunch, and thus Susie and I visited the park next door.

Metzger Park was full of folks, mostly kids, playing on the play equipment with parents watching and helping. I pushed Susie after helping her put on her gloves. Susie’s right hand could not get into the glove without help (the stroke-damaged side), and I had to put her gloves on as Susie could not manage the dexterity to put on gloves. With Susie once more comfortable, I stopped at a bench in the sun and called Leta, Susie’s mother. Leta and Susie had a friendly chat and were happy seeing each other on FaceTime on my iPhone. The park was loud with kids and even a motorcycle starting–apparently, the dry streets and sun meant it was time to get out your hog.

After a short chat with Susie getting cold, we returned to the hummingbird house’s warmth. There I put on the rest of the episode of Poker Face we watched before, episode 3, and Susie stayed awake and was interested the whole time. Again, you could see the old 1970s show format with the hero asking questions that sounded like direct quotes from the old show Columbo. Furthermore, as the hero is on the run, she has to construct a solution that prevents her from being involved. The cast was incredible, and the revelations about the disc jockey were great. Recommended.

After that, I headed to lunch while Susie rested. The Washington Square Mall Red Robin was my target. As usual, it seemed like the place was closed as nobody was at the front (one of the door handles is even missing), and the bar was empty. I sat down anyway, knowing it was just one of their things at this place. The staff found me, and I got a waiter working on being a nurse and new to the area; he is originally from Eugene, Oregon. It was halftime for the Superbowl, and I was informed I missed the big finish of the Puppy Bowl. I had an Ensalda Chicken Plater and a Diet Coke (no beers, usually when visiting Susie).

I returned, and Susie was lying down and agreed to watch some Disney+. I raised her head and found the original Mary Poppins for today. Susie knows every word and song. She stayed awake and watched the whole thing. I might have nodded off somewhere around the horse race.

I had to take the 4:30 call for work, which I did in Air Volvo. I returned to the last great songs and the saving of Mr. Banks–the focus. Always excellent.

Louis was now on and had pizza for everyone. I left with a kiss, and Susie seemed OK with that.

I stopped by Olive Garden and got a great salad and terrible food (sorry–I don’t usually comment), and I should know better than to stick to what I like there. There is a Tour of Italy platter–don’t go on that tour! Just pasta and sauces (and meatballs) and wonderful salads with breadsticks (only two now).

My Internet was up and responsive, but the cable was not connecting while I ate my salad. My phone started to beep often, and I spent the evening online with the folks at work. The network outage was in the cloud again, and our jobs and connections failed. We had trouble, for Comcast users, even connecting to the systems. ZippyFly was up and 1G the whole time. The outage stopped and we got everything going.

It was late-ish (10), and I started some more laundry and dishes. I also started to clean up the long table as I promised myself I would this weekend. Finally, I went to bed, spacing writing Sunday’s blog, and quickly slept.

These are just a few highlights from Sunday.

Thanks for reading!

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