Today 13Feb2023: Monday the 13th!

Monday the 13th started with me sleeping into 7:15ish. I started the day with coffee and made steel-cut oats for breakfast. You just boil some water and stir once in a while for twenty minutes. I then add brown sugar, dried cranberries, and walnut pieces when I pour the porage out of the pan.

I have about ninety minutes of meetings on Monday with some overlapping. The defect meeting finishes early so I can make the standup that overlaps. I had quite a few emails and Slack messages to work on. I spent the morning trying to approve designs, changes, and emergencies. It was non-stop until it all seemed to stop at about 11ish.

Thus I could head to see Susie at that time, 11 or so. The travel was in light traffic with rain, not the usual Oregon mist, but no local flooding so far. I did see many police cars painted in Beaverton’s livery. I had not noticed until I was looking at a police car next to me how the doors are painted in a blue that gets darker as it descends the door. Without interacting with any police or avoiding my fellow driver’s interpretation of Oregon driving rules, I reached the hummingbird house without incident.

Susie was in bed and on her side to help her body function; she was uncomfortable. Details will not be shared but are likely obvious and not severe. With me holding the phone, we managed to call Leta (Susan’s mother), and they chatted for a while. Leta likes to see Susie, so she waits for me to call daily with FaceTime on my iPhone. I did not stay long as Susie fell asleep and needed rest.

Next, I retraced my path across Beaverton and stopped at Safeway, not far from the Volvo Cave. I was on a replenishment run, filled five bags, and acquired some flowers for Susie and a box of chocolates in a heart shape–Susie’s only and every year request for St. Valentine’s day. She cannot safely eat the candy, but we will work something out at the hummingbird house (we may chop up a chocolate and put it on ice cream).

Now that I had bread and sliced swiss cheese, I made a ham sandwich for lunch using the Olympic Provision ham. This included a pickle (freshly replenished) and potato chips (freshly reacquired). Worked slowed as the data conversions are now all long-running ones. I started on dinner while following along. I made a tagine-styled chicken with preserved lemons, olives, carrots, potatoes, onions, and plenty of tagine spices. I had bought some skinless and boneless chicken thighs for the tagine dinner. I had too much, so good, three bowls.

Cable was working; I use Amazon Fire over my Wifi. So I watched more of Vox Machina, the animated series based on Dungeons and Dragons. Still very profane but fun for us D&D folks. I like this new season.

I checked in a few times for work, and there were a few crises of the moment, but nothing to worry about. However, I did send out a note that folks can decide to work from home if the weather (snow) is a concern.

I then headed to Wildwood Taphouse to see folks and write the blog.

The final tax document, delivered four days early, was released today. I will get a summary of medical expenses created and a list of our charitable giving and take the paperwork to my new CPA. Here we go!

Susie received a bag of comfy Valentine’s socks today. Unfortunately, there was no name or card. Thanks for the gift!

Thanks for reading.

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

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