Today 14Feb2023: St. Valentine’s Day 2023

Going backward, I am working on the blog at the house in my office. I spent the evening assembling my update for my original copy of the board game Vindication (2018). The changes are interesting, as Vindication was the first Kickstarter game that used special trays to hold the game components. Now, as this is the standard, the new trays stack better, and there is a picture in the rulebook that suggests how to assemble the game. Also, there are now manyoptions to play in the game, and the number of cards is no longer forced by the size of the trays–there is plenty of room. The original game came with a piece of foam to protect the oddly shaped board, no more as it fits in the trays. Overall it is an impressive improvement. With all the additions, the game sells now for $349 at! I remember paying $100 for my original copy. I have slowly added to it over two Kickstarters and a few promo packs.

Aside: I put pictures of the game on FaceBook for Vindication. There is a tradition to show when you received the game and the size by comparing it to a banana. The supporters of the game are a crazy happy bunch.

Before this, I assembled orecchiette pasta, a spicy sauce from a jar, and premade meatballs from Safeway. I just heated the sauce and then fried and baked the meatballs (in the frypan). I find meatballs fried and baked in their frypan are better–A trick from Corwin’s grandmother. It was too good, and I had too much. I watched a few more Vox Machina episodes, but once I was done eating–I immediately started on Vindication. It made me very happy to rework my board game.

Before arriving at the Volvo Cave in Air Volvo to find an unexpected huge box at the house, I was at work. The afternoon was quiet as we hit a bit of a boring stretch in the enormous data conversion. There were cookies, cakes, and hot chocolate for St. Valentine’s Day at our building, and I had some and chatted with some folks. It is funny how the pandemic has made it still exciting to see someone for the first time in a year or so.

I will move to lunch by skipping the various crises of the moment and some process items. I went to Red Robin near Washinton Square Mall after visiting Susie for lunch. My bartender was the cook. I always sit at the bar (the surface was freezing), and the chairs are too close, so it is difficult to get by folks at the bar next to folks at a table–a terrible setup, but I like the better service you get in the bar. Apparently, they were short-staffed, like everywhere, and the cook was the bartender. I ordered my usual chicken breast and salad platter and a Diet Coke. The bartender brought me some french fries; she reported that my lunch was burned and they were trying again. I just laughed and thought it crazy that the cook, my bartender, was explaining to the backup cook how to make my lunch. It was perfect when I got my lunch ten minutes later with even more fries. What a strange place, so Portland.

As I said, I was visiting Susie at the hummingbird house before this. I brought her two sets of flowers (red roses plus a mixed group) and a heart-shaped box of candies. Susie, apparently the hummingbird house folks ensured that Susie was not empty-handed, gave me a small box of sweets in a heart-shaped box for St. Valentine’s Day. I was impressed that the folks at the facility understand that their residents need to be able to provide hospitality to guests. It is a human need to provide for your guests and families and is often forgotten in healthcare-based settings. So it was excellent to receive a gift from Susie! Excellent Allegiance Senior Care!

With all the loot, Susie got a collection of balloons from her mother and warm heart-covered socks from her sister; we headed to the social room to call Susie’s mother. We had a friendly chat (and called back when we found the balloons in Susie’s room) about St. Valentine’s Day and various other issues. Susie was happy and following along. I could not stay long as I was expecting trouble (it never happened) in the afternoon and soon left with a kiss.

Later on, they frosted cookies and did some other crafts.

Before this, I was at work at 8 after raising at 6AM and doing all my exercises. I had a banana and liberal coffee for breakfast. I tried not to overdo my stretches today. Air Volvo and I had no trouble getting in with the weather; we had only some half-melted snow instead of the snow-magaddon some expected.

I was tired most of the day, and the alarm at 6AM was not welcomed by anyone. I had, as usual, woken at 5-something and then fell asleep just in time to be woken. I saw no white outside and got ready to take Air Volvo to work.

Well, I am getting tired. Time to stop. Thanks for reading.


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