Today 5April2023: Wednesday (Game Night)

Today I was surprised as I went through the day that the news published opinions that the charges against the former president were weak or strong. As this blog is about my feeling and experience, I will cover this a bit. I read the charges, and I have followed along for the past year or so; even as a liberal and someone who is against Trump, I was hoping that there would be no charges. I believe that the country does not need this. I read in the press that the charges are so weak that the charges will be dismissed–that is a pipe dream. The charges are specific (there is no such thing in the USA as a non-specific crime) and based on the evidence we have already seen in Cohen’s convictions. These are neither weak nor strong charges–just alleged crimes that must be vetted and passed through the jury process. I am sorry for President Trump and the country; a distraction but one that must legally resolve. I am sad and proud at the same time.

Moving to the more important events, Susie was happy to see me around 11:15, and I stayed until she fell deeply asleep in her chair. Before that, she was excited to see me and was happy to talk to Leta, her mother. Leta was angry at Best Buy. She had purchased a new stove, but Leta’s gas connection in her kitchen is older, and they would not install her new stove. Leta has to upgrade the gas connection for the new stove, which will not be cheap–she is very unhappy. Now she has no working stove and two in her house. She was beside herself; I have been there. I had to upgrade the electrical plugs for my electric stove (the upgrade cost more than the stove). Susie nodded off a few times when we chatted about appliances.

Susie was sleepy today, and, as I said, I stayed until she was deep asleep–she was happy to rest with me there holding her hand. I kissed her goodbye as she fell back to sleep again. Susie was not sad today. I understand, as I used to like when I would fall asleep reading next to Susie–there is something special about just slipping away to a dream with your loved one next to you.

I stopped by Red Robin on the way back to work. They had Fox News on their big screen editorializing in the bar (usually, they have sports on the big screen), so I sat behind the beer handles so I could not see the screen. I had my usual chicken breasts and salad with a side of fries. I drink Diet Coke. The bartender at Red Robin asked everyone else in the bar if they needed anything and skipped me. Obviously, I was unwanted. I ignored the rudeness, and the bartender relented, refilled my drink, and asked me if I needed anything a few minutes later. I finished my lunch, it was good, and I paid through the terminal and gave a 20% tip to the bartender.

Moving to the evening, again staying with important events, I drove to the church at 4ish. Parked Air Volvo. I walked to the coffee shop and got a turkey sandwich on a bagel instead of bread. I ate it outside near their gas fire under a tent. Nice to eat outside. I believe the 1930s WPA built the streets in downtown Beaverton; I saw the curb still showing the marking while walking to get a sandwich.

After I ate my lunch, I waited for Z and Dondrea at First United Methodist Church. Wednesday is choir practice, and Z and I play board games while Z’s mother rehearses with the church band or choir. Today Z asked for my hardest game, Lisboa, and I had spent quite a few hours before re-reading the rules and remembering how to play. I have played Lisboa only a few times and never my copy. Lisboa was the masterwork of a game designer known for his complex games and was created through a Kickstart campaign. This means it is a premium game with excellent components and graphics and is physically huge. The game is a mess of six or more sets of separate rules and systems that smoothly connect to the other rules and systems. It is a challenge to know what to do each turn, and events drive the game toward its conclusion.

Z and I made a few mistakes, but we generally like the game and will likely play it again now that we have gotten some of the rules and systems down. Z and I just played a learning game, with Z mimicking what I did on my turn to learn the game. I would demonstrate each part of the game with my play, and she would try it then. I had to get out the rules a few times to understand what to do. We ran out of time (the two hours blew by without us evening noticing) as we entered the last half of the game. I have played a few of Vital Lacerda games, and I like his board game Lisboa best (but I am warming to his overly fiddly Weather Machine). Richard, the super-gamer I play in Portland on most Saturdays, loves Vital Lacerda’s games–so I play many of them.

Returning to tonight, Z was excited to try a really hard game. Z still thinks the board game Grand Hotel Austria is the real head-exploding game. Z liked Lisboa. I agree with Z, and we have not gotten to the champagne and waltzing rules for Grand Hotel! Soon!

I will skip the usual narrative of my day. Let’s focus on events (Trump), Susie, and Z. It is already late, and I was tired all day. I want to just sleep. Thank you for reading, and I hope this new focus approach work for you.

I am just covering my experience; I do not wish to upset Pro-Trump folks or criticize them.  I am unrepentingly liberal, and the blog covers my experiences.


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