Today 6April2023: Thursday Holy Week

I spent a few moments before writing, getting the trash and the recycling out. I always think of Glenda (Susie’s Aunt) and her strong demands to do recycling. She inspired me to keep at it as she would tell you it costs you nothing to do the right thing. Glenda was here about a year ago to help find a solution for Susie. Glenda and I found the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. I miss Glenda and all her help, and I hope she will return soon to see the tulips and the trees again–It is time for the wet trip to the tulip fields!

Talking about friends and family, I had dinner with Mariah at Von Eberts in the Pearl District in Portland. We talked about a favorite topic, money, and 401K. We had the best wings (rumors are that the chickens lined up to be selected) with excellent beer products. I have their Volatile Substance, an IPA-style beer that has gone mad. I had a good darker beer to finish my wings (just six wings with celery). Von EBerts uses Toast to order by scanning the barcode at your table (we were at my favorite #13 with the best views of the screens) and then ordering and finally paying in the application on your phone. You can order from the bartender if you must.

We did not stay after dinner, and I headed to Powell’s (I was unwilling to return to the terrible traffic on wet Thursdays). There I found two discounted books, a college textbook that I did not use (we had a harder one) at Central Michigan University, and an 1800s text of the story of the Holy Grail (I thought it a good thing to get during Holy Week). Starbucks was closed (!), and so I stopped at the Southern-style joint, Screen Door, and had coffee with their version of pecan pie. The coffee and pie was a perfect ending, and I read a few bits of both books. Again, it seemed right to read an older copy of the textbook, Algorithms, and start the story of the Holy Grail on Mundy Thursday, drinking coffee and eating pie.

Aside: As I crossed the street in Portland, one clearly marked for crossing (double white lines), a white SUV charged the intersection and barely missed me. They called out, “Look next time,” which did not get a reaction from me. It would seem a fitting story for my end if I was crushed to death on the street in front of Powell’s City of Books in Portland in the rain while heading for dinner in the Pearl District. But they stopped.

A few of Powell’s from Air Volvo.

I found Air Volvo, parked underground and dry for $7,  and took all my treasures home, and while it was wet, local flooding was back (Air Volvo throwing puddles off the street in waves taller than the vehicle); I managed to return home without incident.

My upgrades for the Lisboa board game arrived in the mail today (cool metal coins to replace the paper coins and the Queen card variant representing the historic removal of the minister by the queen in Lisboa). More fun!

I also received the final information from a new solo role-playing game (RPG), Lampblack RPG. I liked the comic books I received from the Kickstarter, and unlike many Kickstarter projects, they quickly completed fulfillment of their previous projects. I ordered some extra copies and will get that soon, I expect–I have the print-and-play version delivered today. So nice!

Before all of this, I visited Susie at the hummingbird house. I brought my laptop and set up shop in Susie’s room while she rested. I logged on to work and followed along for a few hours. I was not there until nearly 2 as I had lunch at Nike WHQ and a meeting that I called into at 1PM. Susie was delighted to have me just hang out with her. We called Leta, her mother, and they talked for a while. Leta is still without a working stove but has a plumber scheduled next week to make the corrections to her gas line. They chatted on my iPhone using FaceTime to see each other.

Leta had sent Susie a pile of balloons for Easter. It is huge!

Susie was sleeping when I was heading to Portland, but I woke her to say goodbye. She was OK with me leaving but wanted to know when she would see me on Friday. I will be there sometime around 1 and might hang out again. I use my iPhone for a connection.

Aside: Nike strongly suggests we access to the Nike network through our phones (part of the Nike infrastructure) instead of using unknown connections. My Ziply Fly network at the Volvo Cave is secure, and I use that at home, but I use my phone when traveling. Also, I find the phone usually provides faster and cleaner connections.

Before this, I had lunch with Scott at the WHQ for Nike. Serena Williams (a building at Nike) has a nice cafeteria with an excellent salad bar. Scott and I both try to eat better, and this is perfect. We talked about Nike stuff (nothing to share here) and caught up–we try to meet every week at the WHQ.

After saying goodbye to Scott, I stopped in Mia Hamm (yes, another building) and used a chair there in the closed cafeteria (it should reopen soon as the buildings around are completing their remodeling–rumors are that we will move to one spring 2024) which resembles a library reading area now. I called my 1PM, and my colleagues, all newish hires in the pandemic, loved it when I used my phone to show them the nice area. It is a gorgeous area with a balcony for the sit-down restaurant, The Tarheel, upstairs (opening soon).

Obviously, I drove to campus before this, parked in the New York City Garage (yes, more fun names), and walked the wooded paths across the WHQ campus. I, on purpose, park in NYC as it means a fifteen-minute walk (the LA garage is closer). The walk is so lovely it is hard to describe. Nike Campus is an amazing place.

Moving backward to the morning, I was in the office before 8PM and did hours of Zoom calls on status. I requested updates on various tickets and tried to be helpful. We are headed to 7/24 on Wednesday with folks on shifts. I will cover the 8-4PM PDT shift and start approving items again, as we will be slightly shallow. We are excited to start the final testing for the July release and ramping up the Dec release testing too.

On a more personal note, I found myself profoundly sad and near tears much of the day. I am tired, and my emotions are too close to the surface. I was happy to get out to dinner and do something fun, which helped the sadness fade. I will have to return to my doctor if this continues. Depression is a side effect of surviving cancer. It is also a hazard for caregivers. I will get help if it worsens.

I started at 6AM and did do my basic stretching and exercises. It seemed that 6AM came just a few minutes after I slept. I will try to get some extra sleep this weekend, which will help with the sadness (hopefully).

I did make liberal coffee this morning, making it extra light as we liberals have been winning a lot now–don’t want to overdo the liberal, you know. I had a banana and yogurt with that.

I found the school buses on my way in, which delayed me a bit.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holy Week. Enjoy Passover. And I hope the evening meals for Ramadan are going great. Indeed,  a very holy week.







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