Today 30April2023: Heat Running

It was 56F Sunday morning at the Volvo Cave (13C), and the house inside was 62F (16.67C) at 9ish. I was cold and had to close the doors and windows and start the heat again! I was comfortable again in just an hour as I stopped shaking while writing Saturday’s 1,400+ word blog.

Sunday started with waking to my alarm at 7, smelling the cold air in the house, and being surprised I was comfortable (sitting for hours made me cold). I found some cans of albacore tuna fish and made a tunafish salad with capers for breakfast. I had no crackers, but it was still good if an unusual breakfast. I made liberal coffee to go with this via a French Press.

My first meeting was at 8, Zoom, followed by another, and by 9, I was writing the blog and following along. There was much chatter on Slack channels and emails (no details here). The blog was long for Saturday, and I was done after 11AM. I had to follow along at work, which slowed my progression on remembering Saturday in words.

I heated a can of chili for lunch, showered, and dressed. After lunch, I packed up my Dungeons and Dragons 5E stuff and the laptops (Nike’s and mine) and then headed to Susie’s place at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. Sunday traffic was light. The weather had changed to cloudy but dry.

Susie was waiting for me, napping, in her recliner in the shared living room space. Susie was delighted to see me. I had cut one of the medium-sized blue irises that have flowered near our mailbox and brought Susie the first flower from our home in 2023. She was thrilled to get the dark blue iris.

Anassa, the weekend nursing aide, moved Susie to her bed, and I put on a movie. I set up all the laptops and worked from Susie’s room. We watched the animated Little Mermaid, and both sang along with the music. I was replying to emails, reading Slack channel updates, and singing with Susie the Disney songs. Susie later had me play Under the Sea a few more times on Alexa.

The stress and hours had me nearly nodding off this afternoon. I am tired. I managed to keep going.

I have the beginnings of a sore throat and cough from the pollen. My eyes are red and burning. Allergies to pollen are challenging in spring without the rains washing it out of the skies. While I love sunny days, rain, please!

I left Susie at 4 and took the last status meeting, for me, in the car at 4:35 using my iPhone. Before this, I stopped by Barnes and Noble and purchased a copy of the latest Strategy and Tactics. I used to have a subscription, and every two months, I would get a well-written military history magazine and a board game built around one of the articles. Unfortunately, I never played most of the games, so I stopped the subscriptions. But this one had Timur in India and the French Indian War battles focus, which got me to buy it (no game in this version). I also like the notes about their board games and war games.

I stopped by Pizza Schmizza nearby and got a slice and a diet drink. It is excellent pizza.

Next, I drove to Cory’s house, where we played from 5:30 to 9ish. I was playing my 5th-level lawful good paladin of death in a spell jammer game run by our DM Matt (M@). We had the typical DM backstab, with the usual little old lady being the baddie and having to negotiate with pirates. This was followed by investigating a shipwreck with a severe battle to end the night. My paladin managed to remain standing, avoid the instant death trap, and fight to bad guys were all gone. A fun and relaxing finish.

I returned home and got a snack, and wrote the blog.

I also started to close the books on April 2023 as I do not want to have to do three months again. So I will try to do the months and close them out as they happen now.

I got a note from eBay. I had lost the bid on an expensive stamped cover flown on the Graf Zepplin with a special US air stamp. I refused to spend a considerable amount and thought these covers were overpriced anyway. I received an offer from the seller to buy the item at my last bid (apparently, the winner refused to pay for the article), and eBay rules allow the seller to offer the item to the second-best bidder. This is the same way I purchased part of the RMS Olmpic–I lost the bid and was then offered the item at my lower bid. I will finish the Graf Zepplin part of my collection when the stamp cover is delivered. Excellent.

I have also found a company that makes stamp collector album pages, so I have ordered some pages I don’t have for US stamps. I have beer revenue stamps album pages coming. If they are good, I will order some more for other items. Leta bought me, a long time ago, my current Scott US stamp album, and I used the birthday money she sent me to pay for these new pages. Thanks again, Leta!

Thanks for reading!

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