Today 1May2023: May Day 2023

I don’t usually make political statements, but it is May 1, which seems to fit the day. I heard a progress leader say today in a show about May Day that today the libertarians protest by working an extra 4 hours, rejecting the leftist idea of an eight-hour workday. That is funny. Happy May Day, “Workers Unite!”

Going backward, I am tired tonight and stayed home and cooked dinner and watched videos about World War 2 and a summary of the current Ukraine War (The Armchair Historian), plus more updates from Battleship USS Texas repairs (Battleship New Jersey and Battleship Texas). I ate dinner while watching.

I watched the May Day show of The Young Turks, a news and information channel that is a paid subscription. I have not decided to join yet. I like it, but they are a little more progressive than I am used to. I will watch some more free shows before deciding.

I made pasta with a sauce from a jar. I added pan-fried mushrooms and meatballs. The meatballs are from a bag of frozen ones. I bake them until they start to brown in the oven, and then slice the hot meatballs and fry them on the stove. I mixed that all together and then overate–it was good. I put the rest in glassware (thanks, Gene and Glenda, for the glassware) and will have it as leftover the week.

I managed dinner as I finally found time to grocery shop. I wrote out a list; it was two pages! I slipped that in today between meetings and seeing Susie. Awe was my checker, a kind man from Iraq. We have been friends for years and ask after each other’s family when we see each other. I saw only a few masks, and I did not wear one. I did keep my distance. I had five bags of mostly food and invested more than $230 at Safeway. It was nice to see the shelves full.

Later I learned I forgot the first items on my list.  I will be back on Tuesday for a short stop to get the items I missed!

I was ten minutes late for the 4:35 call as the process of finding most items at Safeway and buying them took more than an hour. I am still not used to this process as I usually order them delivered, but lately, I have not been that organized to supply an extended delivery window. I followed along all day at work and knew they did not need me, but I like to attend the meeting even when my shift ends at 4PM. I was able to catch the last few minutes.

Moving back further in the day, after lunch at the Volvo Cave, I drove to see Susie at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. The traffic was light, and I crossed Beaverton without involvement with Beaverton’s Finest or losing any paint on Air Volvo.

Aside: Yesterday, I had a motorcycle go about seventy down 185th between the cars with a tremendous noise (obviously modified to make a lot of noise and to go fast). The bike noise startled me. Never seen that in Beaverton. Also, the traffic at 3PM was terrible as school was ending and folks were on the roads, picking-up kids and grid-locking Beaverton. I was surprised to take two or more lights for many intersections; ugh.

Returning to my visit, Susie was sleeping in her recliner in the shared living room space. Jennifer, the weekday nursing aide, told me that Susie was having issues with pain in her right upper leg and that the current Tylenol dose was not removing the discomfort. I needed to contact doc for more painkillers and get an order for that. I sent a message to our doctor on MyChart. Doc sent an order before I headed out for a larger dose of Tylenol.

(Susie in her recliner with flowers I cut from what I have blooming at the Volvo Cave. While tulips are not the best for cut flowers, I wanted to share the new tulips with Susie. The yellow ones are huge, and I love the shape of the red ones–they remind me of Turkey!)

Susie, despite the pain, was delighted to see me, and Jennifer transferred Susie to her bed in her room. It was still only 60F (15.5C) and gray outside–no park today. So there I set up shop, as I have started to do on Monday, Friday, and Sunday with Nike’s laptop and my Apple laptop. While watching the animated version of Mulan on Disney+ with Susie, I read emails, Slack channel updates, and news updates. Susie and I both miss China when we watch the film (Susie has been to the Great Wall on two trips, once with me and once with her former Olympic-level ice skating coach, Norma).

I was there for more than two hours but had to head out for the shopping mentioned above and meetings. Susie was disappointed, but I put on M.A.S.H. for her when I left, which made her happy. I left with a kiss.

Moving to the start of the day, I was up at 2AM with my colon deciding not to wait until the morning to empty. I then slept until the morning until 7:30ish and did have a second round with my colon thinking it needed to empty. This happens now, and I think it is because I no longer detect the need to use the rest room and everything needs to unload at once then. This often happens when I am busy for days. I try to be more regular, but I get distracted by life.

I had a breakfast of oatmeal and liberal coffee. Then, I had meetings starting at 8AM that went on for a few hours of status meetings. I was carefully following along as I had multiple data conversions running on various environments, and complex breaks were being repaired, tested, software fixes installed, and restarted. So it was a busy morning.

I made a lunch of tuna salad on an NYC bagel (thank you, Joyce) with cheese heated to bubbling goodness in the broiler. I sliced onions and celery for this tuna salad for a more premium experience. It was as good as anyone else’s, and mine was cooked through, unlike what I get in some places.

I continued to finish April 2023 in Quicken and updated the house’s value, increasing to $464,000, according to (they hold the loan on the home). As I said before, I have all the accounts (except the 401K balance) automatically updated their balances and download transactions. I now use Quicken’s local version (I decided not to use the online version).

I did the dishes twice and did my usual laundry on Monday but did not feel up to putting it away. I will do that soon. I again wore a dress shirt and still liked it (with apologies to Katy Perry).

Thanks for reading.

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