Today 2May2023

Today it will be a brief story as I am tired. I made dinner. A German goulash from beef that took a few hours to complete. I had a few bowls, but most of the stew-like goulash will be ready to reheat for leftovers. I watched Nova while cooking; I have subscribed to the year. Weathering the Future and Chasing Carbon Zero were excellent, and I recommend them.

Moving backward, I returned to the Volvo Cave after visiting Susie. Susie has a bad cold or flu, and I have what I hope are allergy symptoms, so I left work to not spread the cold/flu to my co-workers. I should be sick in the morning if I will catch it or worse, on Thursday morning. If I am fine on Thursday, I will return to the office.

I saw Susie at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. She comes out for meals but stays in her room to avoid spreading the cold to other residents. Jennifer, the weekday nurse aide, was concerned that I could catch the infection from Susie. I wore my mask the whole time there for a short visit and kept my distance (no kiss goodbye). We did call Leta, Susie’s mother, on my iPhone to see each other on FaceTime. Then, Susie started to fall asleep, and we rang off. I stayed a bit longer, and Susie, knowing I was there, and so she was safe, just slept. She understood that I had to return to work and might not be there on Wednesday if either of us got worse.

Susie’s pain is controlled.

I had lunch before visiting, a sandwich (average) at Jimmy’s John. I ate it while reading the news on my iPhone.

Work was full of meetings with some bonus meetings or extensions to meetings. We are having a few crises of the moment, and my ability to accept mediocrity has been tested today. I managed to not say or send any messages reacting to the predictable events for today at work. It was a day to not let events damage your calm.

I did my usual start on Tuesday with 6AM exercises and stretches, the complete set. I had a banana and toast with low-sugar jam plus liberal coffee. I rushed through emails, Slack channel updates, and news to prepare for my day. While on call 7/24, I work the 8AM-4PM shift.

I had left the new lawn chair in the backyard, and the lawn folks are on Tuesday. So I went to the backyard in my robe and slipper to retrieve it. I pushed on it to fold, and it suddenly popped closed; I staggered, now barefoot, in the 51F (10.5C) grass. I managed to not scream, picked up my slippers, grabbed the chair, and carried them into the house, noticing that the deck was not warmer than the grass.

I was glad that nobody witnessed that. I was not going to mention it, but I remember Snoopy had a like problem with a lawn chair. I will have shoes on next time or wait until it is warmer!

So I am tired and sneezing. I have body aches. Ugh. I will sleep soon!

Thanks for reading!

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