Today 4May2023: Star Wars Day

Thursday is the last hard day where I have to get going early and be in the office for Zoom meetings by 8. I woke with my alarm again, a surprise after a dream-filled night. I cannot recall the dreams, but I know there were many, and none were scary–nightmares wake me, and it is hard to sleep again after waking in terror. Despite all the horror films with Eric and friends in my Highschool days, and the H.P. Lovecraft and cosmic books and films I have read or seen recently, my dreams are B-movie horror with Vampires, ghosts, and cheap scares or suffocation from being buried alive (asthma attacks while sleep makes for very nasty dreams)–nothing that would scare most folks. However, I have harvested some ideas from my dreams for better home-grown Dungeons and Dragons adventures. I wrote a whole adventure where you use the ventilation system to invade a complex–quite different than the usual dark hallways!

Returning back to the narrative, I did all my exercises at 6ish after getting coffee started. I then made liberal coffee using a French Press to go with a banana and a yogurt cup with fruit. I then read the updates from email, Slack channel updates, and news reports to be prepared for starting my day. Next, I rushed through a shower, dressed (in a dress shirt), and then headed out with flowers for Susie and cold meds left the Volvo Cave in Air Volvo from yesterday’s run to the pharmacy.

The morning at the office started with good-mornings and welcome-backs, and comments about getting better. I thanked everyone for their support and then started hours of Zoom meetings. I also had a few crises of the moment and tasks and electronic paper for software issues–not interesting, but the morning was over soon. I then headed out for Physical therapy with Michael at Bethany Therapeutic Associates. The rains returned, and I had failed to wear a coat or a hat today. I was soon quite damp with the heat in the cabin of Air Volvo.

A few minutes early for my noon appointment, I dried out in the heat. I parked a short distance from the facility and quickly crossed the door without much dampness. Michael and I discussed my progress (now checking in every three weeks), which is good, and I am seeing improvements. I did complain about my new back issues where I get considerable pain from standing long enough to make dinner–something new. Michael added more exercises to help my back, involving pulling bands with my arms. He showed them to me, and then an associate took over–a young gal who was in school and hoped to be a practitioner. She told me how she loves the work. I always ask the new folks about themselves and how they became involved in PT. I took new bands and instructions with me.

Lunch was at the Bethany Public House, and I sat in the bar. The bartender got me a Diet Coke and a bowl of their cowboy chili. It is a perfect lunch after a light but intense workout.

I headed to Susie’s place at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. I stopped and got gas at $4.09 a gallon (remember there is no sales tax in Oregon when comparing prices), which is the credit price. I am disappointed to see gas prices slowly rise again. There is no reason for this increase from a supply or demand viewpoint other than the petroleum industry forcing us to underwrite their stock buybacks and executive compensation. In all other sectors, their products are getting cheaper and often better as they mature. Only the energy sector seems to keep charging more and more. But, I digress, sorry (we will see if I leave that in).

I finally reached Susie and gave Jennifer, the weekday nurse aide, the cold supplies for Susie and the house (hopefully, we won’t need much of it), and then found Susie in her room resting. Susie stays in her room most of the day to control the spread of the cold. Susie is still unable to feed herself, is a choking risk, could inhale the food into her lungs (serious bad news if that happens again), and could fall out of the wheelchair. So Susie eats alone at the table with Jennifer all the time and not in her room.

Susie was asleep and took a moment to wake. She was delighted to have me visit, even for a few minutes. Susie loved the flowers that would go in her room for her to see while staying there most of the time. We did call Leta on my iPhone and used FaceTime so everyone could see each other. Leta was happy that Susie could talk again, awake and looking much better. It was an excellent short time together.

I left and returned to work in the pouring rain, our typical May weather (I call May and June the hose-down months). The traffic was heavy there and back to work with folks going fast, unusual, and dangerous in the rains. I managed to not connect with anyone, but Beaverton’s Finest was out dealing with those who discovered that roads after days of no rain are slick with it rains. Yikes!

The rest of the day went by fast, and my boss told me that my Nike laptop was old enough to replace, so I requested a new one–Lord have mercy on my soul. Maybe it will go fine this time.

Work finished with a 4:30 status meeting, and I headed out. I met Dondrea and Z at Hillsboro Swagat Indian Cuisine. This was my delayed birthday dinner. I ordered the tandoori platter, Dondrea the Lamb Vindaloo, and Z had a chicken biryani. We shared all the food. We ordered a lot of naan to go with it all. Z loved the thin cracker-like Papadum bread. One of my favorites too. The small sides (we ordered dinners for two sets), biryani, and vindaloo went home with Dondrea and Z, plus the leftover naan. We finished with some chia, unsweetened.

Z and Dondrea had a gift for me for my 59th birthday, a modern rose bush in a container. I will have to find a place for it. I could always use another rose. Thanks!

After hugs, we headed on our separate ways, with Z facing homework tonight. I had to write this blog. I also put out the trash waving to my neighbors, doing the same thing.

Thanks for reading. May 4th be with you!


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