Today 5May2023: May 5th

I am freezing tonight and sneezing. I am sad. I watched a Nova special on Saving the Right Whales, which made me quite sad. I slept for a bit and then woke up with a start.

I decided to write. I noticed the writing, rereading, is a bit staccato today, sorry. My regular writing voice only appears here and there (it almost reads like a PowerPoint Presentation).

My day started, as usual, for Fridays, working from home and sleeping into 7AM. I was up and making liberal coffee soon after, having been awakened by my alarm. I slept to my alarm, suggesting I was tired or ill. It was going to be a tough start, but I had no hint of Susie’s terrible cold (just allergies controlled to some degree by taking prescription Singulair at night).

I did the ninety minutes of Zoom status meetings for our project. We approach the first code drop to production, and the project shows some of the stress of coming to the end of testing and actually going live with the software. I usually find it boring as we are on our third practice. You just have to install this stuff and move to the next code drop.

I spent Friday following along and helping with a few crises of the moment. Fridays are quieter as India is asleep and starting their weekend. So it was a calm Friday.

I skipped my exercises after completing a set on Thursday and my Physical Therapy appointment. My legs were stiff, and my back was sore from all the workouts. Breakfast was coffee, a banana, and a cup of yogurt with fruit. Lunch was reheated goulash I made a few days ago.

I enjoyed a presentation, yet-another Zoom meeting, on the future inventory model for Nike and how that will work after next year. It will start out small, but assuming the design will not need too many tweaks, it should be a real innovation when fully implemented (sorry, no details here). I don’t have many meetings on the core systems as I focus on master data and emitting data to downstream systems. However, it was nice to see my skills and knowledge are still working.

This morning my colon decided to empty. I had enough warning for the first load, but I decided to rest and read for a moment, and I was right. I managed to sequence everything without incident, but it was a rush to the bathroom! Glad I had not decided to board Air Volvo until I was sure my colon was done. I am trying to learn new habits since the surgery to remove the tumor and part of my large colon.

Next, after lunch and watching some YouTube videos, I took Air Volvo to Susie’s place at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. It was dry today but grey and overcast, 64F (18C). Again, the trip across Beaverton was without incident or apparent lawbreaking by me.

Susie was awake and feeling better today. She could talk and seemed more awake. Jennifer, the nursing aide for the weekdays, had picked out the movie Speed, and Susie was enjoying it. I put it on pause while we called Leta. Leta was pleased that Susie looked better and was more responsive. Leta was enjoying the warm and sunny weather in Michigan and had sat on her new deck (not quite finished, but usable) in a lawn chair. She had to wear a hat to avoid sunburn–quite a change in the weather in Michigan (snow last week)!

I only stayed for a short time, and Susie was disappointed to have me leave so soon, but we both agreed that until she was better, I should limit my exposure to the cold she has.

I returned to the Volvo cave by way of Salt & Straw Ice Cream in Beaverton. I had coffee and nuts flavor. I would recommend it. The line was not long when I started, but out the door when I got my cone. It took me now time as I had only a few people in front of me. I was surprised folks would stand there and sample all the ice cream, but that is a thing at Salt & Straw. I put on my mask in the line; folks do not keep their distance in lines and are not wearing masks. I am less worried about Covid-19 than the cold and flu being shared of late!

Once at the Volvo Cave, I finished my day with two Zoom meetings for the shoe company. I then made a pork chop for dinner with couscous and steamed corn. I made the chop by frying it in butter and finishing in a hot oven (350F), but this time I put taco spices on it for Cinco De Mayo. It was more like a pork steak than a chop. I split up the remaining chops into individual bags and froze them. I watched the aforementioned Nova episode and cried for the whales while enjoying my repast.

I was also sad for Susie; she has been ill every month. I hope things settle.

The mail contained yet-another bill from my colonoscopy, $114 for lab work after insurance payments. In addition, I have a request for $80 for anesthesia, also after insurance. Just frustrating.

I feel better about it now that I have spent some time writing. Becoming a witness and not a participant when writing the blog is an interesting release. The sadness lifts, and I feel like I have done something by writing these 800+ words.


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