Day 14: Sunday again

I did plan to sleep in late, but I had trouble sleeping and awoke with a headache. This usually means I am having asthma attacks while sleeping. The dreams are horrible and sleep limited. I was up at 6:00AM.

It did not help that I am reading horror stories by Clark Ashton Smith. He is not as scary but often and wordy as H.P. Lovecraft. Still reading horror stories on a late Saturday night will not bring you calm dreams!

I started to read him after supporting a Kickstart here in Portland to finish a film-short of one of his stories: The Last Incantation. I have read, somehow, much of H.P. Lovecraft dense prose on horror. I write horror adventures for the roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu and even run my own stuff at gaming conventions. I read a lot of horror and adventure books from the 1920s for ideas and sources.

This reminds me I received yesterday a book of radio schematics for the radios from 1926 to 1938 reprinted from a 1941 publication. It was on special from the Antique Electronic Supply. I figured they needed some business. They supply products to rebuild tube radios and old guitar amplifiers, including the lost plans and books on tube circuits. I buy ruined tube radios and use their cases for new electronics. One I have rebuilt to use a digital radio device. I do not believe in using antiquated technology, but it is interesting to know how it works and how to service it. I repurpose it or recreate it in technology. I also use some as props for roleplaying.


(Yes, a Czech tube from the cold war and books and catalog where you can buy tubes now–JJ is the new name for Tesla. They let some American buy the name).

Which suggests a song: Mexico Radio.

I was tech-support for Rev. Anne Weld-Martin today for her worship service. I was not much help as someone was trying to connect using Windows 7. That is a bit out-of-date for Zoom.

I spent much of the morning assembling more of my new American Civil War (ACW) army. I have 25 infantry done for the Union. I will start on an equal number of Confederates. I have to paint them, mount them, and store them once I get this done. I have always wanted a tabletop ACW experience. These are from Perry Miniatures.

I ordered lunch, I was the only one up, from Gyro House again. It was perfect and extra spicy. I keep supporting our local food places and delivery drivers.

Susie got going, and we used Zoom to attend a worship service at 2PM. The sermon was made available last night: Sermon FUMC Beaverton 28March2020.

I made grilled ham and swiss for dinner.

We got out the game Killer Bunnies and Corwin, Susie, and I played for a few hours. Susie won again–she usually wins. It took a bit to remember how to play. We need to get it out more often. I forgot how much fun it is to play. It is one of the few games that has its own website!

A quiet day. I never left the house.

It was reported that over two hundred sixty folks lost their lives to the virus today in the USA. This is a significant drop from yesterday, but this may be a reporting issue. We will see if the trend continues.

The hymn is Simple Gifts for today and also for hope for Monday.


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