Day 28: Sunday 3 Phase 2: Stay-cation

Sunday, I awoke and then rolled over and sent early morning Sunday on its way to people who actually wanted it. I wanted nothing to do with another early morning!

I was up about 10ish. I felt much better. Finally, all the stress was leaving me alone and letting me have a day. So I made some coffee, Mexican and Fairtrade, and I love the taste of liberal board-crossing coffee in the morning. I deleted the Trump and Pence emails asking for money. I instead sent $50 to Biden–it was my first ever gift to Biden’s campaign. It went with the coffee this morning.

I then focused on something more hands-on. I added tiny brass-etched windows to the Titanic model over the poorly cast plastic windows. These windows are for the officer quarters, the grand staircase, and the wireless station. I then added these long plastic pieces to the deck. The pressure I used nearly broke the parts, and the windows I so carefully glued in so many places were damaged. I lost about four. I put the Titanic away after fixing everything I could and let the glues dry. When I make two mistakes, I stop. I also glued a tiny ladder on the side and then damaged it.


I read more Maisie Dobbs today. It helped me relax. I am on the tenth one, but there are fifteen at the moment, so soon I will have to read something else.

Lady Ada in New York City started their Halloween eye hardware for sale. I ordered one and another Grand Central M4 board with headers this time. The Grand Central M4 is my go-to board for Python-based robotics.

I also watched the rest of the movie Dune. I had purchased the movie yesterday on my Mac and finished it today.

I spent the afternoon watching the complete Metropolitan Opera of Massenet’s Cendrillon on the Internet. It was fun to sit back and enjoy a few hours of opera, something I do not get to do very often. They have one free opera a day.

I made Pork Vindaloo today. I was wrong with the spices, and so it is a bit tame. I will go back to the original mix next time. It was still good.

I played more Istanbul board game today. I learned the Coffee and Baksheesh addition. I just played against myself with a two-person set-up. I liked the addition of bags of coffee (liberal?), but the larger board made moves more complex. Planning had to be done with more care. I liked that!


Today the reports show that nearly three-hundred people died in the USA from the virus. I found this blessing in Hebrew and thought we could use it to remember all the people we lost.



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