Day 192: Wednesday Rainy Greater Portland

Susie and I came to Beaverton, the Greater Portland Area, twenty-four years ago now. I don’t have any records with the exact dates anymore, but I remember moving here in mid-September. My work anniversary day recorded by Nike is on the thirtieth of September. I like it here and plan to finish-out here in Aloha, Oregon.

And it has been raining four three days now. The Oregon mist is not back yet, but we are getting lots of wet. Usually, we get a few days of rain in September, and the real rain comes with the Coho winds in October.  This is a cold desert wind that is significantly colder than the air. The cold air comes from the Columbia Gorge and blasts over the hills into our valley. Tender plants are frozen by the wind. Gardners here know that you plant tender plants out of the wind near the house.

Working backward, I was just reading the delightful book, Yes, Chef. Before that, I finished a meeting on data conversions with China and India at 7:30PM that went to 8:15ish. The world is flat for multinational companies, and I am often up late or early to chat with the other side of the Earth.

I also read that Proud Boys are coming to harass us again in social media. There is a call on social media for the locals to confront the racist bigots in rainy Portland. Additionally, this call suggests it is perfect Portland weather for the locals to be outside protesting Proud Boys. Here rain is a call to action!

Our rather belated air purifier showed up today. It is mostly a filter with a cheap fan. I suspect I could buy a furnace filter and attach a fan to get the same thing–it looks like a covered kitchen appliance. It does have a timer control so you can have it running when you are not trying to sleep–it is a tiny bit loud. Maybe it can remove some of the pollen and any remaining smoke particles.

Corwin made Jambalaya for dinner. This is from a box with the spices already in it. We usually add more rice to back down the spices for Susie and add sausage, and in this case, pork boneless meat is already cooked. Corwin added local tomatoes and fresh hatch chilis. It was great, and Susie was OK with it. Once in a while, we make Susie a grilled cheese or scrambled eggs with cheese if dinner is too spice. We want to get some food into her, and thusly we sometimes make dinner twice.

Nike stock went to over $130 (and then backed off to $128) today. The earnings were great.

Worked went on with more meetings and various emails on process items in the afternoon. I found that my afternoon was free and so I took a break and read for a while. I had to check in a couple of times.

Lunch was a Lamb Gyro from Gyro House delivered with extra spicy garlic sauce. I had meetings that ran through lunch. I took the 15 minutes free to enjoy my food and got another 15 minutes to finish. I try to grab lunch, but today it was just a break between meetings. I told the Nike Zoom folks that now that we are all Zooming, the extra spicy garlic is no longer a social no-no for lunch.

I slept too late and got going at 7ish and started reading emails from over the night and morning. I prepared for my meetings and began with an hour meeting on Nike’s new platforms for development. I do not use these platforms, but it is good to know what else is in use at Nike.

Today we witness the passing of over eleven hundred people in the USA from Covid-19. We pray that the caregivers and the people who lost friends and family today will find peace.

Joyce Hill, Susie’s aunt, suggest a hymn: Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Methodist Hymnal #140.



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