Day 193: Thursday No Retirement

The workday ended early for me. I have been extra tired these last weeks–The physical stress of the smoke and the emotional stress of the previous month has worn me down a bit. My boss asked me if I was staying today. Such an odd and direct question. Will I be working for Nike next year? Yes, I answered as I want to see my 25th anniversary at Nike and the new computer system going online the following year. So yes, at least two more years.

Worked started at 6ish again, and my first Zoom meeting was at 7, and then the meetings would stop about 10ish. So I did the email and the crisis of the moment and tried to help.

Susie was up at 9! So she was dressed and going.

I took Susie to drive-through Burger King, and then we drove over to a park off of Cornelius Pass and ate our lunch in Air Volvo, watching people in the park. I watched my Nike email on my phone–nobody needed me during lunch.

Susie was thrilled to get a Whopper Jr with cheese (I removed the offending onions and pickles we forgot to exclude) and to sit in the car and have a safe picnic at the park. It was a slightly cold and overcast fall day. We had sprinkles all day. Perfect fall Oregon weather, and Susie, like most of us, has been inside most of the 190+ days.

We returned home and I had some more meetings and emails and texts to work with.

Later, tonight Mariah came over, and we watched NFL–Thursday Night Football! I cooked dinner for everyone, and we opened a 2010 bottle from Purple Cow Vinyard–it was smooth and almost sweat like old like port wine but still light. I had some cheese we ordered from Olympia Provisions, and so I cut that up and served it while I got dinner going. It was, we ate it all, locally made and excellent cheese.

I baked chicken thighs, boneless, and skinless–enough for all of us. I heated white sauce from a jar–not great, but the Herb Provence I sprinkled on the chicken complimented the sauce. I cooked some pasta and microwaved some frozen green beans. I threw it all together, and it was well-received and straightforward.

I nodded off during the game at one point. I am still tiring too quickly. I will try to get some rest this weekend.

We are a witness to the nine-hundred forty plus people who died today here in the USA according to the reports on the Internet. We will go on for them and remember them and grieve.

I picked this song as even tired I was thinking of this as we saw the rain returning and eating in the car: This is the Day that the Lord has Made.


1 thought on “Day 193: Thursday No Retirement”

  1. Sunny here. Vaccine season has begun for me now very used to surveillance, tracking and documenting….3/4 of the facility vaccinated last quarter requires more consents from guardians….. ahh the fall…


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