Day 194: Friday Working with Rain

I awoke from a nap this evening. After dinner, I was just too tired to do anything and fell asleep. I read a new book, Circe, and nodded off having finished Yes, Chef late last night–I finally stopped at 1ish. Both are excellent reads, and the late-night reading explains most of the need for a nap.

Corwin took off, so it was just Susie and me for dinner. I made baked potatoes with bacon, cheese, and sour cream. Two smallish potatoes each. Susie was not ready for dinner, so I went to read and fell asleep, and the first potato was a bit cool. I heated Susie’s second one up, and that was better. I had mine cool.

Before this, I got to write for most of the afternoon documentation for Nike. It always surprises me how slow it is to get the initial work done. You then just add to it and polish it. I am using Confluence to do the documentation, so I have to follow its rules and try to match the style. It is also a learning curve. This is my second go at it, and I have the tooling working now. So more actual content was made today than last time, which was mostly about formatting and WTFing and DIYing–lost of -ing.

I love to write, so it was fun, but computer architect writing is quite tricky. You have to find the right words to explore the topic while not stepping on someone toes. There are so many big toed people. I also need to clearly state the direction as this is not a How-to but Do-it-this-way document. Again, a balance between being overbearing and being apologetic. I managed to get some items into a first draft, and some started this afternoon. The balance is still a bit direct–more polish will come.

Looking outside, it is raining. I wrote a long detailed email to the lawn service and asked if the lawn folks can clear away the dead trees and blackberry bushes in the backyard. I also asked them to fix the pipes that carry the gutter water away from the house. We have a cracked pipe and a smashed and may be blocked pipe to the street. Last year I had a small pond for a while in front of the house. It is time to deal with it and I have money. Time to invest.

Lunch was before all of this. I had trouble deciding lunch and settled on Chicken Bento with Miso Soup. Something exotic was delivered for Friday. It was just average.

Before this, I had meetings every 30 minutes on Zoom all morning. I was also trying to finish up items that were still not done this week. Mostly, I had to write emails about getting something fixed so I could do the task.

I was awoken by the alarm at 6ish and got going at 7ish. Too hard of a morning to start at 6!

Sleep was full of dreams, as were all my naps today. I cannot recall my dreams from last night or from the naps today, but vague images linger, and some dreams included traveling, and I think long-gone family members. Good dreams.

Today we count more than eight-hundred fifty people slain by the virus today in the USA.

I went with something I can sing: Do, Lord, Remember Me. Methodist Hymnal #527.

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