Day 195: Saturday Games and Printers

I finished tonight with working on my 3D printer. If you remember from a previous day’s blog, I was stuck on the header assembly. It would not go together, and I believed I would have to re-drill a hole, but instead, I used a drink umbrella to hold the hole in place while I put in the first screw. This kept the head in place, and when I put the next screw in at first, it did not work, and then it banged into the hole and connected. All done! I should have used a drink umbrella sooner; I know that is what you, the reader, is thinking.

I had an issue with a zip tie that came loose. I pulled on it, and it broke, and the needle-nose pliers, properly named, slammed into my thumb and cut me. Corwin was properly impressed, having seen the event, and commented that I managed to cut myself with pliers–that is hard to do, he said. I called him names.

I was able to cover the next two steps of the build. I am on page 23 and step 16. There are forty pages.

I added the drink umbrella to the printer next to the glow-in-the-dark zombie I found in the box.

Aside: Years ago, I wrote a 4E Dungeons and Dragon adventure where zombies, frozen, fell from the sky. I created the table-top experience with a bag-o-zombie glow-in-the-dark that I pour on the gaming map on the table. It was a lot of 28mm plastic zombies. I have one tacked with the umbrella on top of the printer.

I picked up Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for dinner on the way home from Portland. KFC was very tasty today–very well made and fresh. I have noticed that take-out is well made now. Nobody in the current disaster wants to deliver sub-par food or service. It is unpatriotic and fatal to a business to provide bad or even average food.

I went to the Mox Boarding House to play games. They were happy to see me another Saturday showing up for lunch and some games. Evan joined me there, and we played Vindication. I have met the designer of the game who lives in Vancouver, Washinton, just across the Columbia. It has an uplifting theme and is very colorful. The whole experience is to build up your character and win with the most honor. I won this time. I managed to pay attention this time to the different domains and kept mastery in four of six–last time I played Evan, I lost track and lost. Again, it is a positive game as you do things to be a master of significant domains of good character: Vision, Intelligence, Wisdom, Strength, Courage, and Inspiration.

We then played a three-person game of Scythe. John was at Mox to play games, and he joined us, masked, in the big room with plenty of space. John was familiar with the board game but never played before, so I went over the rules with Evan filling in when I glossed-over something he thought important or when I missed something. We played after a quick review, and John caught on fast. I was playing Poland, and I was in my own little corner–perfect for me, and the faction was playing the Patriotic mat and managed to pull ahead and stay there. I focused on building-up as this is a resource management and dudes-on-board game. John had Saxony and Militant mat, so he was a bit scary, but as he was just learning, he did not build up fast and attack–usually, Saxony is a terror with Militant mat. Evan had Norse faction and Innovation mat that pays you to upgrade. He grabbed the center and dominated his part of the board. I stayed away until the very end, just building and slowly spreading out. I had a few good encounters that boosted my popularity. End scoring is higher the more popular your faction is. This gave me the game.

(This is the final map. Notice the white heart is highest)

Lunch for me was a burger at Mox. They had no specials to tempt us except for a wonderful dessert we all ordered. The burger surprised me as it had cucumbers soaked in vinegar–not real pickles. It was good.

Before I headed to Mox in Portland, I met Mick from my lawn service. We need to have some work done to clear out the mess in the backyard. Next Saturday, he and his crew will get the soon to be impassible jungle back to a nice bit of bushes and trees. He does not fix underground pipes for my gutter water. I will have to continue to search for someone to replace and repair those.

I started at 9:30ish and had a 10:15ish appointment with Mick. I had some corn muffins I made late last night to be here for Susie and me this morning.

Today more than seven-hundred thirty people in the USA were reported killed by the infection.

I found this song that I have never heard before: My Lord, What a Morning. Methodist Hymnal #719. The singer’s story is amazing and shows the truth about all those Daughters of the Revolution: Marian Anderson. More of her story: Concert in Washington DC.


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